Become Aware of Your Senses to Ignite Your Creativity

As human beings in the world, we’re very sense-oriented – always taking in the world through our sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

When we’re feeling sluggish or uninspired, we can get those creative juices flowing by becoming aware of our senses.

Let’s give it a try today.

Get out a piece of paper and something to write with. If you enjoy drawing, grab some colored pencils too.

Pick your favorite season and write it at the top of your paper. Then create 5 sections on your paper labeled with the titles below. Brainstorm words in each category related to your favorite season. If you’d like to add some colored sketches too, go ahead!

Sights During the Season (in nature, at home, in a park, etc.)

Colors of the Season

Sounds of the Season

Tastes and Smells of the Season

Textures of the Season

Once you have each section complete, look over what you wrote. Using those ideas write a poem. It could use a particular form or not. It might be a free form. You decide.

Here are a couple haikus about the season of spring for inspiration.


Fresh Spring Air

By Linette Jensen

The soft morning air,

Brushes my cheek like velvet,

It’s Spring’s gentle kiss.



Spring Awake

By LeAura Alderson

Spring dreaming awake

Shaking off winter’s slumber

Flowers yawn at dawn.


Now, take time to write your own poem, in any form. Maybe write 2 or 3!

How do you feel after this creative activity about your favorite season? Do your senses feel awakened?

Next time you go outside, keep this activity in mind and be energized by becoming more aware of your senses.

What colors and patterns do you see?

What smells and sounds?

What textures can you feel?

Let your senses breathe them in and invigorate your whole being.

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