Healing with Hildegard

Healing with Hildegard

Part 1 of the Healing Library

Find peace and Healing through the divinely inspired works of St. Hildegard. Discover her spiritual approach to wellness, discover the timeless power of her music and images in promoting holistic healing.

Experience spiritual growth and deep connection through journaling exercises.

Reflect, express, and connect with your divine self through journaling.

Feel the healing power of St. Hildegard’s chants resonating within you.

Immerse yourself in the healing melodies of St. Hildegard’s chants.

Discover your inner strength through empowering affirmations.

Boost your inner strength with daily affirmations inspired by music.

For everyone who’s wanted to…

connect with their spiritual side and experience healing through music and imagery, look no further than St. Hildegard. Her chants, songs, and images will inspire your connection with the divine, reminding you of the powerful healing energy that surrounds us all. By immersing yourself in her music, you will feel a sense of peace and comfort, knowing that you are a reliable source of strength. Trust in the healing power that lies infused in St. Hildegard’s creations and let it guide you on your journey towards inner peace and well-being

We know you’re thinking “I’m too tired to focus on using music for healing purposes.” BUT!! We want you to know Listening to St. Hildegard’s soothing melodies can actually help you relax, replenish your energy, and foster a deeper sense of connection with the divine, ultimately revitalizing both your body and spirit

Unlike other healing methods, St. Hildegard’s music offers a unique and spiritually uplifting experience that connects you to the divine. By immersing yourself in her chants and songs, you will discover a source of strength and healing that is both timeless and powerful.


You can do more cool benefit and result the will feel great and you’ll be happy.

  • You are struggling with physical or emotional exhaustion
  • You are weighed down by the resentment you hold towards other people
  • You lack a connection to the joy of your inner beauty
  • You are disconnected with or doubt your divine gifts
  • You need motivation to keep going in your life
  • You have obstacles stopping you from living the life of your dreams
  • You yearn for spiritual guidance to help you face life’s current challenges 
  • You wonder if using your singing voice will help you deepen your connection with the Divine

Why St. Hildegard

St. Hildegard had an unwavering trust in her music, her visions, and her “voices”. She saw herself as a “feather on the breath of God,” and this “breath” would never, ever fail her. St. Hildegard is the most prolific composer of monophonic chants known to us, not only from the twelfth century but also from the entire Middle Ages. She put singing in the center of the monastic communities she led. 

For St. Hildegard, singing was the highest form of praise in Creation. She used it to express joy every day of her life. And she also used her music to meet the Divine in the depths of darkness. Margot Fassler describes how St. Hildegard centered many of her songs on the tonal area E resembling our minor scale. Fassler explains that E is the wailing or lamenting mode in chant. 

My initial connection to St. Hildegard came through singing her music. I knew when I started singing her music that I had found someone who gets what singing means to me. Nothing gives me a sense of power in my life like singing. It is the art form I return to when I am feeling fragile, ill or scared. My singing is my immediate and direct access to the joy, peace, beauty and wonder that is God. 

These Practices Increase Healing by…

  •  Inspiring you to trust in the healing power that lies infused in St. Hildegard’s music
  • Helping you know that you are a reliable source of strength and beauty in your life and that you can trust in yourself
  • Elevating your expression of joy and praise as you become more present to singing as a gratitude practice
  • Allowing you to connect with the Divine in the depth of your darkness, so you know that you are never alone as you face your challenges

Healing with Hildegard




“When I first learned the Kyrie in Jeannine’s amazing Master your Creativity course, I was in Northern Ontario! As I was learning the first phrase I walked in the woods and sang it to the trees. It was so beautiful and it really stuck with me as a practice. I know that the trees benefit when we sing to them. It is a beautiful offering. I have been singing the Kyrie everyday now for a few years!! I believe that singing it daily sets the tone for my day to be tuned to beauty. Its a gorgeous practice!”



testimonial here



Hildegard as my Inspiration

I remember vividly the day St. Hildegard of Bingen came into my life. I had just returned to New York City in 1987 after a year of living with the Otomi Indians in Mexico, where I had been part of a religious community of Catholic nuns. I was their “lay missioner” and was horrified by the nuns’ attitude toward the Otomi belief system. After my experience in Mexico, I was so angry at the Catholic Church, I wanted to bomb the Vatican. And there I was shortly afterward in a workshop at the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue, with Matthew Fox, the author of the best seller: Original Blessing. Matthew at that time was a Catholic priest, and there I was screaming at him, “What is the deal with the Catholic Church? Why do they teach us to shut down our bodies? To shut down indigenous people? To shut down women, and men for that matter? To shut down our creativity?” Matthew smiled and asked me how I express my creativity in my life. “Well,” I said very timidly, “I sing.” He then said, “Jeannine, you should check out Hildegard of Bingen.” 

And I did…. 

Healing With Hildegard is the outcome of my journey with St. Hildegard von Bingen. I never would have dreamed all those years ago in New York City how helpful or as St. Hildegard would say, “how useful” it would be to connect with the music of this twelfth century woman. My connection with her and her music has brought such strength and joy into my life. I have undergone a tremendous transformation. Today, I am not shy about the fact that I am a singer. Today I also call myself a tap dancer, a writer, a painter, a techie and a priestess…oh… and I have to add a “Bad-Ass Wife and Mama Bear”!

Healing With Hildegard is an extension of all of my divine gifts. It is an extension of my love…my love for God, my love for St. Hildegard, my love for my husband, my children and my grandchildren, my love for all the artists that have collaborated with me on this project and finally an extension of my love for all of you. Welcome, I am so glad you are here. 

Even if / FAQ’s

You have been wounded by or don’t identify with traditional Christianity
You feel like you don’t belong to any spiritual culture or religion
You were told as a child that you can’t sing

Healing with Hildegard



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