Hi, I am Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen…

I was born in London, England, educated in Switzerland, and am fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. I hold a Doctorate in Ministry degree and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education. Also, I am an accomplished artist and educator. I use all of this and much more when helping others heal their souls.

​In 2021, my husband Dr. David Sharp and I opened of new spiritual home, ​The Good&Sharp Studios, here in Boulder, CO. We offer private sessions and hold annual spiritual retreats.

From my healing journey to yours… Can you imagine healing from a congenital heart defect and a painfully frozen pelvis? All while journeying through a massive kundalini energy awakening born of an intense shamanic experience? No degree can teach you how to do that. This is why I know that my gifts come from a spiritual dimension.

​What can I do for you?
Allow me to share my knowledge of the soul with you so you, too, can heal and have the amazing life you so yearn for!​


The soul is an eternal silent presence inside each and every one of us. It is the ground of our being. It is the soil of the garden of our lives and carries the seeds of our divine purpose. In order for these seeds to grow and blossom into their full beauty, our souls need to be nourished and the obstacles to growth removed.

In soul healing we will explore what the seeds in your soul are. We will find ways to nourish your soul and remove any “weeds” that are in the way.

View the video below to find out more about soul healing and hear a personal story about my own soul healing.

“Taking Jeannine’s course I felt like a real artist, and a divine one.”

- David

Happy Client