Feel Sluggish at the End of Winter? Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Spring is on the horizon here in Colorado, and we can see the end of winter coming soon. This can be a time of year where we feel sluggish.

How about you? Are you feeling stagnate and stuck coming out of winter?

Is your energy low? Do you feel heavy? Are you moving slowly these days?

You’re not alone.

Many people experience this after winter.

Today, I’m going to share with you a way to help you feel energized after winter and to get your creative juices flowing. It’ll help you feel inspired moving into spring and open your eyes to the beauty that exists in the world all around you.

When we engage in creativity, it’s like a refreshing breath of life, helping us to thrive. It feeds us, making us feel invigorated, energized, and alive.

To honor and welcome the season of spring, I invite you to make a nature mandala. You can do this any time, but on the spring equinox would be an excellent time, if possible!

What’s a mandala?

The word mandala in Sanskrit means circle or even sacred circle. In Hinduism and Buddhism, a mandala, with its circular design, represents the universe, unity, harmony and wholeness – the interconnectedness of all things. Creating a nature mandala can help you to clear your mind, get your creativity to flow and even aid you in connecting with your higher self, your True Self.

Getting started

First, take a walk outside and look around at the shapes you find in nature. Look at the trees, the ground, the sky. Do you see any patterns that create a natural form of art? Maybe they are spirals or waves. Maybe there are repeated patterns of blossoms or leaves. Maybe something else. Take time to observe and find the beauty in the natural world that’s right around you at this moment.

Make a nature mandala

1. Find a peaceful spot

Now that you’ve taken time to observe in nature. Locate a peaceful spot where you can create your mandala.

2. Gather materials

Next, collect some materials from the natural world around you that catch your eye or you find interesting. Here are some ideas to get you started: pinecones, rocks, twigs, berries, pine needles, leaves, feathers, dried grasses, shells.

3. Create your mandala

Lay out all the materials that you collected so that you can see them well. Choose a special item to place in the center as this will be a unifying piece. Continue to build your mandala moving from the center outward.

4. Finish your mandala

Use all the natural items you collected if you’d like. Go gather more, as needed. You decide the size and when you feel it’s complete.

5. Observe your mandala

After your creative work is complete, sit quietly and observe your mandala. Notice the patterns, colors, textures and how each part is connected within the whole design. Notice the beauty of your creation.

6. Meditate on your mandala

Close your eyes and picture your mandala. Does it have a message for you today? What is it?

7. Remember your mandala

If you’d like, when you return inside, you can draw your mandala from memory. Or even take your sketchbook outside to draw it. You might also want to journal about your experience in making it and any message the mandala has for you today.

Were you able to let go of some heaviness left from the winter and begin flowing with the beauty of nature from this creative exploration?

I hope so!

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