Make Your Creative Sanctuary at Home Today… It’s easy to do!

I hope you’ve been diving into something creative that you love in the last couple of weeks!

Creativity is essential to our health and well-being. It’s like a refreshing breath of life, helping us to thrive. It feeds us, making us feel energized and alive. It brings us joy!

If you’ve committed to engaging in creativity every day for a month, how’s it going? I’d love to hear. Reach out and let me know.

How’s it making you feel? Do you feel it’s supporting you?

Maybe you’ve discovered it’s an avenue for self-exploration and expression. Or maybe it’s supporting your health and healing as you enter into a state of relaxation and flow. Or maybe it’s supporting you in some other way.

Design a Creative Sanctuary

You’ve probably discovered by now that it’s important to have a special place for your creativity to take place. Whether you’re painting, sculpting, singing or something else, creating a place for your creativity will help you shift from your daily life and into a creative mindset.

Consider it not only a sacred place for your creativity, but also a sanctuary, a place of refugee where you can be by yourself, enter into a flow and create whatever calls to you that day without interruptions or distractions.

A special place just for you. Your health, your growth, your creativity. 

Here are a few tips to get you started on creating this special place.

1. Find the best location in your home.

  • Look for a space that’s quiet and separate from activity in the house. A place that feels comfortable and protected to you, where you can relax and not be surprised by someone opening a door or walking up behind you.

Not sure where, as space is limited in your home?  Be creative. Look for a corner not being used. Add a curtain or a screen to make it more protected.

2. Make it comfortable and inspiring.

Take a closer look and see what’s around your new space – the items, the colors, the lighting. Consider how these will support you or maybe distract you. Make changes, as needed. 

Will you have a chair or a desk? What kind? A music stand or supply shelf? What else do you need to be creative in the space?

What lighting would you like? A lamp nearby that emits warm light or the natural light that shines in a window? 

This is a creative space just for you. Pick what works for you!

3. Ensoul the space with meaning and beauty.

Look around your home for items to add to your creative space. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Find ones that are meaningful to you. 

  • Use your senses – what would you like to see? Smell? Hear? Touch? What will support your creativity?

Maybe a bright colored cloth will enliven your space. Or a picture hung on the wall will inspire you.

Maybe things from the natural world such as a plant, stones, or a feather will bring a sense of comfort and a reminder that you’re connected to all living beings.

You decide what has meaning and brings beauty into the space for you.

Design a Creative Ritual

You might’ve chosen a creative activity that cannot be done in a special place in your home away from interruptions or distractions. If you’re being creative as a cook, you’ll need to be in the kitchen. If you’re gardening, you’ll need to be outside.

Instead of creating a special sanctuary, you can design a ritual to help you shift into a creative mindset before you begin. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. A Mindful Beginning – Create a simple ritual that signals you’ll be entering into your creative activity for a designated amount of time. You might light a candle or read a favorite poem about creativity or the activity you chose.

You can pause for moment, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. When you open your eyes, put on something used just for this creative activity such as a cooking apron or gardening gloves.

It doesn’t have to be long at all! But, whatever you choose, repeat these steps each time in the same order. Soon they’ll be a signal to you that you’re entering into creativity mode.

2. A Mindful Ending- When you’re done with your creative activity, have a simple ritual to close this time. You can blow out your candle. Put away your supplies. Pause and close your eyes, expressing gratitude for this special time.

Remember to repeat this closing ritual in a similar way each time. This will help you shift from your creative activity back into your daily life.

This simple ritual can easily be used when your creative activity cannot take place in a special space. But you can also adopt it as a transition into your creative sanctuary if you have one!

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