Private Sessions

The full scope of what I can offer you is through private, one-on-one sessions. Private sessions allow us to get to the heart of what is obstructing you from having your best life. We will get clarity as to what your soul is longing for and create a mini plan to move forward with the creation of your dreams.

Begin with a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session.
We can then continue by phone, Zoom or in person.

Examples of questions we will explore:

  • What is your divine purpose in this life? Do you know it clearly or is it foggy?
  • How are you using your energy? Is it being drained by sabotaging activities or is it growing in quality and quantity?
  • Is there anything obstructing you from manifesting your divine purpose?
  • What is needed to remove the obstacles in your life? Are you sufficiently aware of what these obstacles really are?
  • What nourishment do you need to help you manifest your divine purpose? Do you have the tools and techniques necessary to thrive in your life?

Other Soul Healing Options

Package of 6 Sesssions

Package of 12 Sessions

“Jeannine is a great source of inspiration and an uplifting person. Her course brought me freedom, belief in myself and I had lots of fun!”

NICOLE, Client