Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen – Doctor Of The Soul


“3 Spiritual Gems:

Connect with Your Inner Beauty and Manifest Your Creative Dreams”

Wed, April 10th, 5PM MT

Sat, April 13th, 10AM MT

Be part of this powerful and joyous journey

In this masterclass you’ll:


Journey through the work of St. Hildegard


Step into the courage to say yes to what’s calling you and take steps forward.


Discover the wisdom of your heart for your life and our world. ​​


Receive a practice to keep your creativity flowing.

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  • Have you lost  energy for your life?
  • Do you feel agitated as you go through your days?
  • Is your soul’s purpose  calling but you are not sure how to manifest it?

In this 90-minute FREE Masterclass:

I will be sharing the teachings of one of the most brilliant and powerful women who has ever lived: St. Hildegard of Bingen. I will take you on a journey which will help you find clarity, inspiration and motivation  for your life. In these modern times when we have so much of what we want but not everything that we need, looking to great teachings from the past can be a wonderful way to find more meaning and joy in our lives.

Lighten Up

Drop the burdens you are carrying to free up your energy and create more light

Feel Supported

Identify your ideal helpers that will guide you during this time of your life


Infuse yourself with the healing energy you need to move forward.


Gain the clarity as to how to move forward in your life

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Wednesday, April 10th 5PM MT  / 

Saturday, April 13th at 10AM MT


​What I share in this training has become the backbone of my life. In my twenties and thirties, I had buried deep inside me these creative longings. I had dreams that I barely saw or heard or even knew of. What I did know is that I was very unhappy. Over the years I actually started getting very sick even suicidally depressed… And then I started learning what I share in this training and it changed my life. I started feeling this bubbling up of visions and longings of my heart and soul and I started finding the courage to move forward with them.

Today I am the manager of Viriditas Productions Company and run a healing practice called Doctor Of The Soul. I also just opened a spiritual center with my husband David Sharp in Boulder, Colorado called The Good&Sharp Studios. I am the mother of five children and have two grandchildren. I can truly say I am living the life of my dreams. I have created the “3 Spiritual Gems” Masterclass to help you live the life of your dreams!