Why is Finding Balance in our Lives so Important?

How often do you feel like your life has shifted out of balance in some way?

Maybe too much activity and too little sleep?

Maybe an excess of drink or food?  Or did you forget to eat today?

Maybe too much social activity or maybe too little?

When I’m in this place, I often sense St. Hildegard whispering in my ear. She shares the words that she wrote in a letter of correspondence to a young Benedictine nun, Elisabeth of Sch​öngau, about moderation as a key to a healthy life. I always smile as I hear her remind me to take care of myself!

“Listen, then, …..and learn moderation!  For moderation is the mother of all the virtues for everything heavenly and earthly. For it is through moderation that the body is nourished with the proper discipline….

When there are unseasonable downpours, the fruit and vegetables growing on Earth are damaged; when a field has not been plowed, you do not find good grain springing up


It’s the same with a person who lays herself more strain than her body can endure. This is a sign that the effects of holy discretion are weak in such a person…”                                                                    -St.Hildegard of Bingen

With these words, St. Hildegard uses nature as a metaphor to remind us of the virtue of moderation and how to find a healthy balance in our lives.

In nature, we can see the effect of too much or too little. Too much or too little sun, rain, and activity. They all affect the plants in a negative way. Without balance, the fruits and vegetables would be damaged. A lack of activity in not plowing the field would lead to the grains not sprouting.

So, we see the wisdom of the balance that exists in between the extremes.

Where is it that you might need to consider more balance in your life?

I know for me, I hear St. Hildegard whisper in my ear about moderation when I’m out of balance in my time for work and relaxation. Like many, I can just keep going and spend more time working with less relaxation. I pay for it when I do!
So, I’ve learned to schedule my time for relaxation to achieve more balance in my life. It helps!


Remembering moderation supports us in finding balance in our lives. When we’re in balance, we’re empowered to be our best self. We’re guiding our own path in the world. The excess of activity or inactivity doesn’t take control of us.

Excess at either extreme can lead to unhealthy aspects that take control of your life – addiction, self-centeredness, and disease/illness that interfere with your health spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Developing your own self-discipline to not venture in to excess or inactivity, guides you into a place of balance.

Today, I want to invite you to take a walk outside. Observe the plants that you see on your journey. Yes, even if it’s winter where you are!


​In the winter, the plants are resting some. Consider their life cycle throughout the year. How does balance arrive through the seasons for the plants?

And, during the year, when it’s very hot and sunny or even very wet and rainy, how do plants adjust to try to maintain balance for their health?

While you’re walking and observing the plants, have a dialogue with your higher self or spirit guides. Where would moderation benefit you?

Where could you bring a little more balance in your life to be healthier and happier each day?

See what answers arise for you.

Finding balance in our lives nourishes us. It helps us to recover from challenges, rejuvenate our energy, and be receptive to what comes toward us as new possibilities.

Balance resonates within us. We have a feeling of harmony with what is outside of us in life and what is in our inner life.  We experience how balance is a creative and dynamic relationship between ourselves and in the world.


Energy for life bubbles up within us.

Inspirations arise.

Illnesses are healed.

And all of us would benefit from that, of course!

Remember that each time you head outside, Mother Nature, as a wise teacher, can be our reminder about finding balance in our lives. And St. Hildegard might whisper in your ear too about the queen of virtues, moderation.

So many guides are here to help us!

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