Need to Shift Your Mood? Try this easy and fast way to clear those dark, gloomy clouds!

All of us have moments where we’re in a funk. Something is weighing on us heavily and we’re having a hard time getting the dark, gloomy clouds to clear.

In these times, I often turn to music to help me.

Music is such a great gift! Through vibration, it moves through our whole body and begins to shift the energy.

And if you’re open to its power, it can resonate on a level that’s even deeper within you, reaching your mind, body and spirit.

​Think back to songs you’ve listened to recently. What ones were they?

Why did you choose to listen to those songs or that type of music?

How did it make you feel?

You probably can remember that your mood shifted in some way or certain feelings arose while you were listening.

Maybe the music put a smile on your face, and you felt happy.

Or maybe memories from the past arose, reminding you of a specific event.

Or maybe soft, gentle sounds relaxed your whole being and you felt sleepy.


​We’ve all experienced how music can help shift our mood and move us into a completely different space.

But now, I invite you to join me and take music to another level. It’ll clear those dark, gloomy clouds easily and quickly, replacing them with a lightness and joy.

Pick one of your favorite songs. Put it on and begin to move to the music.

As you begin moving, feel into the music. What movement is wanting to arise just for this music today?  Don’t force it. Just allow it to come.

Maybe your arms sway back and forth. Maybe your feet are tapping or stomping.

Maybe you’re jumping and twirling.


​Whatever movement arises, it’s perfect. No judgment. Just allow it to arise.

Continue this practice for a few minutes until you feel complete.

Then take a deep breath and check-in with yourself. How does your body feel? Has your mood shifted?

Have the dark clouds cleared? Is light shining now?

Next time you need to shift your mood, remember you can choose a song and just start moving!

Not only will you have fun, but in just a few minutes, you’ll find yourself:

  • Calm, yet energized
  • Relaxed and content
  • Ready to continue with your day with a new mindset


Becoming aware of the power of music combined with movement in your life can support you in being able to shift your mood quickly and easily when you need to. And you’ll have fun too!

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