Taking the First Steps to Manifesting your Soul’s Longing
Despite the recent dusting of snow, there’s a promise of spring in the air here in Colorado! 
We’ve had some warmer days, and the ground is thawing. I hear the animals coming to life in the sunlight – the birds singing and the squirrels chasing each other. I look forward to seeing the crocuses and tulips poke their heads out of the earth, sharing their brilliant colors. 
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Just a few weeks ago, the cold, blustery wind chilled our fingers, as snowflakes drifted down to blanket the earth in white. There was a sense of quiet and stillness in the air, as Mother Earth seemed to rest in the outer world that we can see. But deep in the earth, the forces of life were incubating and preparing for the journey of growth and expansion in the spring. Very soon, that new life will spring joyfully all around us!

St. Hildegard called this greening power, viriditas, the divine life force that lives and breathes within all living beings. This powerful force is bubbling with vitality, especially in the spring!
We too, as human beings, have been incubating during winter. Our longings have been percolating within our thoughts, dreams, and feelings. Now, as spring approaches and the sunlight returns to give us warmer days, it’s time to allow them to break through the surface and see the light of day.


​What longing has been incubating within you this winter that hasn’t been manifested yet?

Spring is a perfect time for manifesting as the natural world bursts forth with life.

I invite you to take a moment now to turn inward in contemplation. What’s calling to you to manifest this spring?

Maybe it’s a big dream you have. Maybe it’s just to get started on something you’ve been putting off.

Whatever it is, envision it now. Imagine how it might bring joy, love or healing to you and the world.


​Now expand that vision. Make it even better.

What if there were no limits? No fear and anxiety. No obstacles.

What would your vision be then? Imagine that.

How can your vision begin to sprout and grow in this season of spring? How can you make it come to life?


If you have some colored pencils and crayons, pull them out and draw a sketch of your vision. Or get some items from around your house like colored paper, stones, sticks and more and create a 3D model of your vision.

Get started on making your longing a reality today!

“When you have a vision that is strong enough and powerful enough, nothing can stand in your way.” Lewis Howes

Interested in receiving support in manifesting your soul’s longing? Access my free class on 5 Steps to Mastering Your Creativity available here now