What are you being called to create?

What are you being called to bring to fruition in this world right now?

We are all naturally creative. And, as creators, we can put our energy and intention to what we want to manifest.

Creativity is a natural part of who we are as human beings. It is a place where we can tap into a powerful energy. The outer world and chatter in the mind disappear. You enter into the present moment and feel your attention shift into a creative mode. You feel alive. It almost feels magical!

You discover that you’re able to manifest something new into the world through your creation. Where previously there was nothing, a spark was ignited, and something new was birthed

Within this creative nature that we all possess, we have the possibility to become a powerful and positive force in the world.

I often think back to consider what the 12th century mystic St. Hildegard must have experienced in trying to move forward to create her visions in the world. What an inspiration!

After 9th century Viking invaders had destroyed St. Rupert’s church on the Rhine River, St. Hildegard was called at 52 years old to leave her home of 40 years and build her own abbey there in 1150. The inspiring work of St. Rupert in the 7th century fueled St. Hildegard’s commitment to move forward with this project. In her song, O Jerusalem, she honors this new creation and the respect and even kinship she felt toward St. Rupert. One can imagine that St. Hildegard may have been drawing a comparison between her abbey and the Holy City of Jerusalem awaiting its rebuilding in heaven.

And yet, she was faced with many obstacles along the way. The monks strongly objected that she was leaving. Understandable, as several sisters leaving with her meant that the monks’ financial support would too.

Yet, she continued to find her courage to do what she felt called to. And she moved forward. She built Rupertsberg, a place for her to manifest the Power of the Living Light.

The early years on the Rupertsberg were difficult ones. Some sisters even left. Still she persevered with the passion she had for the project.  And then at the age of 67, marching forward, she created a second abbey!

The world is calling us to become inspiring creators like St. Hildegard. With support from our spirit guides and communities, we can persevere and bring positive change into the world! New and courageous ideas are needed in these current times. You can be one who can bring them!

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