Tapping Into Your Intuition

Do you have flashes of insight that come to you in pictures or in words?

Possibly in meditation or even on a walk?

In a dream or just as you awake in the morning?

Or maybe you just have a deeper knowing about a situation or a decision?

More than likely, this is your intuition arising.

Whether you experience it as trusting your gut, tapping into the divine wisdom of your higher self, or support from a spirit guide, intuition is the ability to have a deeper insight without conscious, rational thought. Rather than thinking through the details to reach a conclusion, intuition is a direct understanding that arises without the extra work.

Intuition is a part of being human. It helps keep you from harm and can guide you to the deeper truth of a situation. It can lead you to your highest purpose in life and help you to grow and evolve in consciousness. It’s you, as an individual, tapping into the river of divine wisdom in the universe.

But, if you are living a busy life, you may not always recognize or notice your intuition arising.

Take these steps to become more aware of your intuition and be able to tap into this divine guidance for your life.

  1. Be Open – Be open to receiving intuitive guidance. Set an intention that you’d like to access your intuition. Then, be ready for any form that may arise – an image, an immediate insight, something said from a loved one. Be receptive without doubt.
  2. Quiet Your Mind– Intuitive guidance is difficult to perceive when you’re rushed, stressed, and busy. Quiet your mind by finding time each day to sit in silence or meditation. This clears the mind and creates a welcome space for intuitive guidance.
  3. Ask a Question – Once your mind is still, form a question to ask your spirit guides about a specific situation where you’d like some insight. Speak it in your mind and then release it to the spiritual word. In the next hours and days, be open to receiving a message.
  4. Trust the Message – Pay attention to what comes your way after asking the question. Notice sensations in your body, images in your mind, and words that you hear for the next days. When you receive guidance, trust that you’re tapping into divine, cosmic wisdom.


Tapping into your intuition and its divine wisdom can take some practice to master. It’s wise to use your common sense or thinking mind to review the intuitive guidance if it feels off in any way in the beginning. But, once you become more familiar with how your intuition works for you, know that you’re accessing wisdom from a vast, cosmic source far wiser than our own intellectual mind. You’ll soon learn how to trust it.

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