Turning Inward in the Darkness of Winter

As winter approaches, we naturally snuggle up in front of the fireplace or put on a cozy sweater to stay warm. We may feel tired as the sun sets earlier in the evening and even sleep longer. As our senses are less stimulated, we turn inward. This colder and darker time of the year provides a wonderful opportunity for self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry through meditation is a perfect practice to bring inner light during the darker days at this time of year. You can more easily connect to your True Self and your journey in this world.

What is meditation?

Meditation is often experienced as a journey from outer awareness in the world to inner awareness. You settle in and focus on what’s in the present, setting aside thoughts of the past or the future. Slower and intentional breathing typically helps to relax the body and quiet the mind.

As you experience a deep state of rest, your mind begins to feel open and spacious. Your body can enter its natural state of healing, releasing any stress and toxins. This can set you on path for greater health and happiness.

There are many ways to enter a meditative state. You may choose to focus on a spiritual text, verse, or image. Or you may choose to be in silence.

Whatever form of meditation you choose, as your body and mind calm down and your awareness turns inward, you may find that you enter the space or gap that exists between the thoughts. It may appear as silence, but it’s a silence filled with infinite possibilities.

It’s there that you connect with your Divine Self – in the space between your thoughts.

And as you come out of your meditation into the outer world once again, you bring with you a drop of that experience-  of who you really are and the infinite possibilities that exist.

By repeating this journey regularly, you strengthen this sacred connection, and you’ll experience that you can bring this silence and sense of possibility into your daily activities, even in the midst of noise and chaos. You more clearly see your divine path and what choices are best for you.

After establishing a regular practice of meditation, you may experience you begin to have a higher spiritual awareness beyond your usual daily thoughts. You more deeply discover the highest aspect of yourself, connected in unity with the universe – a feeling of oneness and perfection.

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.”                   Saint Francis de Sales

Turning Inward during the Sacred Nights of Winter

Interested in turning inward to more consciously connect to the mystical energy of the Sacred Nights? I extend a warm invitation for you to join me within a conscious, spiritual community, in Bring Spirit to the Holidays for the 13 Sacred Nights of Dec. 24th – January 6th and explore together words of wisdom from the 12th century creative powerhouse St. Hildegard of Bingen that support us today. Find out more HERE. 

As we join together in this sacred experience, you will ….

  • Feel deeply nourished and have a sense of inner peace within
  • Gain deeper wisdom and meaning from this past year of 2023
  • Discover the divine messages that give you direction, hope, and purpose for your life’s journey as you imagine the year 2024 ahead
  • Connect with other spiritual creatives who will join and support you on this path of discovery

Starting on the 24th of December through the 6th of January, I’ll invite you to work with one meditation inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen per day. As you do this, you’ll also pay special attention to your dreams and write down what you remember each day. You’ll notice if there are any connections between your dreams and the questions asked in the meditations.

You’ll be joining me and also others in this spiritual community who are engaging in this same practice of inner work during the Sacred Nights. You can share your experiences and listen to others share theirs.

Through this journey of meditation and journaling during this sacred time, you’ll come away with a sense of peace and fulfillment as you digest the year that has passed. You’ll be ready to go forward into the new year with sacred guidance and momentum.

I hope you can join us! This is only offered this time of year.

Find out more here about “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge.”  Sign up soon so that you can prepare to begin on the 24th