Awaken to Your Dreams Through Journaling

Winter is upon us, the coldest season of the year. All around us life slows down and turns inward. It’s a natural time for rest, quiet, and stillness.

This darker and colder time of the year in the season of winter provides a wonderful opportunity for us to enter into self-inquiry. As you begin to move inward, you can become more aware of your dreams at night. Whether your dreams are exciting adventures or scary nightmares, you can explore the deeper meaning of what lives in each one. The wisdom gained can support you on your life’s journey during the day. You may discover answers to questions you have, find support in following your passion, and realize the next steps in a difficult situation.

Are you someone who remembers your dreams well when you awake?

Or do you wake up and not even realize that you’ve been dreaming at night? There seems to be nothing to remember at all!

To help you remember your dreams, follow these 3 simple steps. Then you’ll be on your way to unlocking the hidden treasures from the darkness of the night this winter.

  1. Create an intention.

To help you recall your dreams, it’s important to create an intention for this before bed. Maybe light a candle or sit silently with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Set an intention to remember the dreams that are important for your life’s journey and spiritual growth. If you have a particular question or need guidance in a situation, speak this in your mind.

  1. Awake slowly, keeping your eyes closed.

Early in the morning, as you first awaken, keep your eyes closed while you’re still lying relaxed in bed. Put your attention on your dreams, trying to remember any details. Review the main parts of any dream you remember. Attend to the mood and feelings that arose. Picture the location, weather, colors, or any other details that come to mind.  Think of a short title for your dream to help you remember it. Recall the intention that you set the previous evening.

  1. Keep a dream journal near your bedside.

Dreams often dissolve very quickly as soon as you open your eyes!  So, writing them down as soon as you do helps you to remember. Write down any details you remember. Add the title you created. Later, when you’re more awake, you can read your journal entry to discover any deeper meaning or message.

Sharing your dreams with a trusted friend may bring insights you hadn’t considered. You can never know what another person’s dream means for them, but having someone share their thoughts may provide you with further insight to your dream.

Dream Journaling During the Sacred Nights of Winter

Interested in joining others in dream journaling during the upcoming Sacred Nights of Winter?

I invite you to join me within a conscious, spiritual community, in Bring Spirit to the Holidays for the 13 Sacred Nights of Dec. 24th – January 6th and explore together words of wisdom from St. Hildegard that support us today. Find out more HERE.

As we join together in this sacred experience, you will ….

  • Feel deeply nourished and have a sense of inner peace within
  • Gain deeper wisdom and meaning from this past year of 2023
  • Discover the divine messages that give you direction, hope, and purpose for your life’s journey as you imagine the year 2024 ahead
  • Connect with other spiritual creatives who will join and support you on this path of discovery

Starting on the 24th of December through the 6th of January, I’ll invite you to work with one meditation inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen per day. As you do this, you’ll also pay special attention to your dreams and write down what you remember each day. You’ll notice if there are any connections between your dreams and the questions asked in the meditations.

You’ll be joining me and also others in this spiritual community who are engaging in this same practice of inner work during the Sacred Nights. You can share your experiences and listen to others share theirs.

Through this journey of meditation and journaling during this sacred time, you’ll come away with a sense of peace and fulfillment as you digest the year that has passed. You’ll be ready to go forward into the new year with sacred guidance and momentum.

I hope you can join us! This is only offered this time of year.

Find out more here about “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge.”  Sign up soon. We begin on the 24th