Trusting the Divine Messages Meant for You

Do you have flashes of insight that come to you in pictures or in words?

Possibly in meditation or even on a walk?

Or maybe in a dream or just as you awake in the morning?

Do you wonder where these come from?

Maybe they seem to come from the deeper river of divine wisdom. Possibly experienced as intuition or a spirit guide communicating to us or even our Higher Self guiding us.

Yet, you’re not quite sure. You doubt yourself. Maybe you’re just making it all up?  Maybe these are just odd things popping in your head?

During the upcoming Sacred Nights of winter that begin at the end of December, it’s a particularly powerful time of year for receiving divine messages. These messages can often be about the learning that you need to gain from the past year, insights for the new year, or even guidance on the gifts you are to share with the world.

Through deepening your inner work during this time, you can learn to be open to receiving the messages that are meant for you. You can learn to not doubt yourself, but TRUST your insights and gain a deeper wisdom. 

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I’ve always been inspired by the powerful visions that came to St. Hildegard and her courage to share them with the world. She felt that God was speaking through her.
She wrote about the images she saw and words she heard in her book Scivias. Yet, St. Hildegard often doubted herself and her abilities to share her experiences with the world.She lived in a time where women did not preach, speak publicly, or write. Certainly not on controversial topics such as visions from God!She had no formal education, as it was not available to women in those times. And, as a result, she considered herself unlearned and unworthy. She felt insecure and inadequate.  Fearful and anxious.In her own words from her book Scivias, she describes her experience.“In my visions, my soul rises high into the vault of heaven and spreads itself out among different people, even those in distant lands and places.  And because I see the visions this way in my soul, I observe them without my outward ears, without the thoughts of my own heart or by any combination of my fives senses.

I witness them in my soul along, while my outward eyes are open.  So, I have never fallen prey to ecstasy in the visions, but I see them wide awake, day and night. 

The light that I see the visions in is far brighter than any cloud that carries the sun. 

I can measure neither height, nor length, nor breadth in the light.  I call the Light “the Living Light.” And as the sun, the moon and the stars appear in water, so writings, sermons, virtues, and certain human actions take form for me and gleam within it. 

What I write is what I see and hear in the visions….. And the words in the visions are not like words uttered by the mouth of man, but like words uttered by a shimmering flame, or a cloud floating in a clear sky. “


​When I first picked up St. Hildegard’s Scivias, I knew that this book was extraordinary I remembered that St. Hildegard became the first woman who got permission from the Pope to write on theological issues.  I was so inspired that I decided to choose the pearls of wisdom from St. Hildegard’s words and develop them into meditations.

This year, I’d like to invite you to join me and take these meditations into this very special time of the year of the Sacred Nights. Starting on the 24th of Dec through the 6th of Jan., I invite you to work with one meditation per day. As you do this work, also pay close attention to the images and dreams that come to you. Look for the divine guidance that’s being shared with you.

Join me this year during the Sacred Nights!  Inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen, I am offering 13 meditations and a journal for this special time of the year, the 24th of Dec through the 6th of Jan.  NOW AVAILABLE!  You can download it HERE

Want to take a closer look first?  You can access the first day’s meditation and journal HERE at no cost.  Give it a try!