6 Steps to Help You Remember Your Dreams during the Sacred Nights of Winter

During the Sacred Nights of winter that begin at the end of December, I pay close attention to the dreams I have at night.

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Sometimes my dreams during this time are exciting adventures and sometimes they’re frightening nightmares.  But, I always try to dig deeper to find the golden nugget of meaning that’s meant for me in each one.

This time of year is particularly powerful, as your dreams can often reflect the learning that you need to gain from the past year and also give you insights and direction for your highest path into the new year.

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.”  ~Marsha Norman
To help you remember your dreams during this sacred time (or any time during the year!), follow these 6 simple steps.  Then you’ll be on your way to unlocking the hidden treasures from the night.
1. Create a sacred space and time. 

To help you recall your dreams, it’s important to create a sacred time and intention for this before bed. I invite you to light a candle or use some essential oils in a diffuser.  Do what speaks to you, but create a special space and time where you can set your intention for remembering the dreams that are important for your life’s journey and spiritual growth before you go to sleep.  

​2. Keep a journal near your bedside.
 Dreams often dissolve very quickly as soon as you wake up!  So, writing them down as soon as you wake up helps you to remember them.  Then you can read your journal entry later to discover any deeper meaning or message.  

3. Awake slowly, keeping your eyes closed. Early the next morning, as you first awaken, keep your eyes closed while you’re still lying relaxed in bed.  Put your attention on your dreams, trying to remember any details.  Review the main parts of any dream you remember.  Attend to the mood and feelings that arose.  Picture the location, weather, colors or any other details that come to mind.  Also remember what your intention was that you set the previous evening.


4. Open your eyes and write in your journal. 

Open your eyes and sit up slowly.  Write in your journal right away, as many details as you remember.  Although the dream might have been vivid and you think you’ll remember it, it’ll probably dissolve very quickly once you begin your day. This is what happens with dreams!  So, write down as many details as you remember.

If your time is limited, as you have other responsibilities calling to you, write down short phrases that include the main events and memorable details, mood, and feelings.

Write in the first person in the present, to help you recall being active in the dream, as it was happening.  Instead of the past tense which will sound as if it happened already in the past and is over.

Maybe give the dream a title that captures the essence, as you see it at this moment.

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the meaning of your dream at this time or if it even makes sense.  Just write, rather quickly, whatever comes to you from the dream before it evaporates.

5. Hold your dreams in your consciousness with a question. Throughout the day, hold the dreams that you remembered and wrote in your journal in your consciousness. Ask for spiritual guidance on what insight is most important to understand.

​6. Review your journal entry in the evening.  
Before setting an intention around your dreams for that evening, go back and read your journal entry from the morning.  Has a deeper understanding arisen yet?  How will your entry and your thoughts inform your intention for this evening of sleep?

I invite you to join me this year during the Sacred Nights!  Inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen, I am offering 13 meditations and a journal for this special time of the year, the 24th of Dec through the 6th of Jan.  More info will be coming soon!