The Healing Power of Words
Our words have great power. Greater than we even realize. They express our thoughts and our feelings in the moment.

​Our words have the power to heal and power to create anew.

And when we listen to the words of another, truly and deeply listen to the words of another, without wanting to respond, without judgement, without trying to fix, we can enter into the world of the other. Here, with our attention and presence, we can participate in the healing of their pain or in the creation of their new idea that is needed in the world.

Deep listening connects us.


Using the Voice to Heal
There’s a section of the Kalevala, the great epic of Finland that illustrates the incredible power of the voice and illuminates the possibility that exists for all of us.  I’ll share it here with you, in story form.Vainomoinen opened his mouth and began to sing. He sang a most powerful song that only the wisest and the oldest upon earth could sing. It rang with eternal wisdom that stretched to the farthest depths of the sea. Across the wide expanse of land.  And to the heights of the sky. He sang of life and death and the origin of all that was created upon Mother Earth.He sang of the waters, the mountains, the animals. And of himself, the first human being. 

He sang of love and hate. 

He sang of creation and destruction, of ease and pain. 

He sang of all such matters of importance in the world.  

The words of song traveled across the land as seeds do in a breeze.  The Earth came alive and shimmered like the leaves of a birch tree.

For She remembered her Origin. 

The sunlight danced. The streams bubbled. The mountains trembled.  The flowers swayed. 

All creation sparkled in this knowledge


Vainomoinen sang on.  He sang of the origin of the sledge. Then the runners of the sledge became branches of a willow tree.  Then disappeared into a seed in the earth….

He sang on.

Soon Joukahainen’s sword rose out of its sheath at his hip and sunk into the ground becoming a rock as a flash of lightning struck it…

Joukahainen was now terrified as he saw the power of Vainomoinen’s song.  He stood there helpless.  Off flew his wool coat and hat, back to the sheep who disappeared into thin air…

Then suddenly, Joukahainen felt himself moving toward the nearby lake!  He stumbled at the edge and found his feet sinking in thick mud.  Though he tried, he could not pull himself up out of it…

……for Vainomoinen deeply understood that the healing of the pain and suffering comes from the power of remembering and voicing its origin. 

Vainomoinen continued singing, but the melody changed significantly.  

Now, as he sang, Joukahainen moved upward out of the muddy bank and onto the dry land.  His wool coat and hat returned to him…

Vainomoinen continued, now with the sweetest song of creation. Joukahainen’s wool coat and hat returned to him. His sword returned to its sheath. The runners on his sledge appeared once again. 

All of the land glimmered with the life of creation. 

May we remember that our words have great power.

Power to heal and power to create anew in our lives and in the world.

Bearing witness to another’s words with deep listening lets us participate in their healing and in their creation in the world.

The Throat Chakra
This is at the foundation of the fifth chakra, the throat chakra.

It’s located in the throat area that includes the neck, jaw, shoulders, and also ears. It’s the source of your speaking, listening, and ability to express yourself authentically.

When your throat chakra is balanced and you speak your truth, it’ll be experienced as authentic and compassionate.

You’ll be able to be open and honest.  To stand up for what you believe, yet not be hurtful toward others.

You’ll also be able to listen deeply to others, giving them an experience of being heard and understood, a profound human need.


​The main obstacle within the throat chakra is self-doubt or the negative voice within your thinking. You may fear how others may respond to you or judge you. This may interfere with your ability to express yourself or speak your truth. You may shake or stutter as you speak. Or speak words before you think.

Balancing the Throat Chakra with Mantra
Chanting a mantra that relates to a Hindu deity associated with this chakra can help you to bring awareness and healing to this chakra, supporting you in finding your voice in self expression and in communication with others.

To help balance the throat chakra, we can call upon the goddess, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess, of abundance, wealth, and beauty. She is depicted wearing red clothes embroidered with gold thread, indicating activity and prosperity – both material and spiritual.  She can support you in your efforts to speak your truth with compassion and to listen deeply to others, bringing abundance to all.

You can find the Healing Lakshmi Mantra in my Free Healing Library and chant along with me as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.

Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

“Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love, I ask that you support me in bringing balance to my throat chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies or experiences within this energy center so that I can express myself authentically and with compassion as I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self.”

Then, begin the Lakshmi mantra chant. Remember to end with a moment of silence and inward reflection.


Interested in learning more mantras to support you in accessing your inner power in this challenging time?  Check out my guidebook and accompanying audio recordings, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.