Being Open to Divine Energy
One of my favorite flowers is the radiant lotus blossom. This flower pushes through the muck and mire of the waters reaching toward the light.  It opens its blossoms of beauty, untouched and unsoiled.  Connected, yet hovering just above the mud below.  A pure and radiant beauty.

​As we are in the midst of the muck and mire of the pandemic and the pain of bringing more awareness to the continued systemic racism in our country, I try to bring the image of the lotus flower to mind.

I take time to contemplate what is the divine opportunity that exists in this moment and how I can be of service.

I focus on my seventh chakra, the crown chakra. That’s what gives us the ability to “rise above” and access higher states of consciousness, as we open to that which is beyond ourselves.

It’s located at the top of the head and slightly above the head. It sits like a crown, opening upwards.

It’s the source of our connection to the divine energy of creation and to our higher self.  Also to the experience that we are one with everyone and everything in nature.

So, I take time to bring my awareness to my crown chakra so that I’m able to feel grounded and connected to the divine. I open myself to the experience of unity with others and the world, endeavoring to discover the deeper meaning of life and feel a deep peace in this current time. I seek to experience the Divine within myself and within the world.


Opening the Crown Chakra with Mantra

Are you, too, pondering the higher meaning in our current circumstances?  Are you wondering how to understand this and how you can be of service to the world in this moment?

I invite you to join me in chanting a mantra that relates to a Hindu deity associated with the crown chakra that can help you to bring awareness and healing to this chakra, supporting you in connecting to the divine and feeling at one with all that is.

With the crown chakra, we can call upon Brahman. Brahman is not to be confused with Brahma, the Hindu deity. Brahman’s without a beginning and without an end and yet is within all. Brahman is cosmic spirit and infinite consciousness. The universal principle and eternal truth.

You can find the Healing Brahman Mantra in my Free Healing Library and chant along with me as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.

Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

“Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love, I ask that you support me in fully accessing my crown chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies within this energy center so that I feel a deep peace in life and unity with others as I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self.”

Then, begin the Brahman mantra chant. Remember to end with a moment of silence and inward reflection.


Interested in learning more mantras to support you in accessing the divine in this unusual time?  Check out my guidebook and accompanying audio recordings, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras