Discover the Radiant Power of the Sun: Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Summer’s all around us in its glorious splendor. What beauty!

The lush green crowns of the trees sway in the breeze as the warm sun shines down upon them. Flowers are bursting forth with the bright colors of yellow, pink and violet. What a lovely celebration of life and growth! Of Viriditas, as St. Hildegard would say.

The warm summer brings to mind images of the gentle lull of the ocean and the seashells found upon the beach.  I’m reminded of the Hindu goddess, Durga, who holds on to the conch shell, a symbol of the Divine that existed in the first sound of creation and still resonates in the sacred word, Om.

In Hinduism, the goddess Durga is considered the protective Mother of the Universe.
She protects all that is good and harmonious in the world and, sitting upon her lion or tiger, battles the forces of evil in the world. She’s a powerful and invincible force.

In these challenging times that have continued into the summer, have you found your own inner power?

Or have you become overly critical or judgmental of others?  Has anger bubbled up inside of you and been directed toward others?

Or maybe you feel completely powerless and ineffective to meet your current life challenges? Do you feel like you have no energy to take them on?

If you’re experiencing this, then take some time to focus on your solar plexus chakra.
The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra and located between your navel and the bottom of your sternum. It opens in a forward direction and is the source of the light that radiates your personal power and strength out into the world. ​


​It’s the awe-inspiring energy of the sun that ignites your power, burning away any blockages that may be getting in your way. It empowers YOU to be confident, responsible, and reliable. Opening new doors in your life.

It supports you in finding the strength to meet challenges and move forward. To take up action, with a strong will and warmth.

You can call upon the goddess, Durga, to support you in balancing your solar plexus chakra and to help you discover your strength and courage within.

I invite you to join me in chanting the Healing Durga Mantra in my Free Healing Library as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.

Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

“Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love, I ask that you support me in bringing balance to my solar plexus chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies or experiences within this energy center so that I may shine with my own radiant power and strength while I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self. “

Then, begin the Durga mantra chant. Remember to end with a moment of silence and inward reflection.


May you discover that the strength and courage you need is within. You’re more powerful than you realize!

Interested in learning more mantras to support you in accessing your inner power in this challenging time?  Check out my guidebook and audio recordings, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.