Taking the First Steps to Thrive in Your Life

Do you feel as if you are just squeaking by in life or do you feel you’re thriving? Thriving means doing more than just surviving day-to-day, but flourishing in your life.

Thriving happens when you have connected with your soul’s purpose, feel a sense of vitality, and are connected with others in life.

Thriving is not about how much money you make or the things you own. Thriving is about living a meaningful and purposeful life.

How are you doing?

Maybe you’d like to be thriving in your life, but really are just busy surviving day-to-day. If you want to start thriving, I encourage you to get started with these 4 steps!

Step 1. Get to know yourself – We all have unique gifts, talents, or skills, that we can use to make a difference in the world. Our gifts typically develop out of our passions in life or sometimes out of overcoming adversity. What are yours?  Where do you shine?

Step 2. Fill your day with activities that you enjoy and that have purpose and meaning – Maybe during the day, you’ll share the unique gifts that you have or the wisdom you’ve gained over the years. Or maybe you’ll enjoy time spent in nature or with a friend. Maybe you’ll finally want to pursue that dream that you’ve been putting off. Whatever it is, when you wake up, you’ll look forward to the day ahead.

Step 3. Take care of yourself – Create healthy rhythms in your life. Wake up and go to sleep at the same times each day. Eat healthy meals at regular times. Spend time in nature. Exercise and meditate. Do something fun on a regular basis! Taking care of yourself will help you enjoy each day.

Step 4. Cultivate social connections with others who are thriving – You’ll become more inspired and motivated when you have others around you who are on a journey to share their gifts and want to realize their dreams too. Make friends with people of all ages who are thriving. Once you get moving along on these 4 steps, you’ll no longer feel like you’re just surviving day-to-day. You’ll feel like you’re flourishing in life!

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