What divine messages are trying to reach you? Are you listening?

Do you receive messages from your spirit guides often?

How do they come to you? Do they arise in a dream or intuitive thought?

Or maybe an image or words that come to mind?

Or does a person enter your life with exactly what you need at the right time?

Maybe you’ve experienced all of these types of messages that seem to tap into the deeper river of Divine Wisdom that exists within us and within the Universe.

The 12th century mystic St. Hildegard of Bingen received divine messages as visions as early as age 3 when she described the markings of a calf before it was born. Once it was born, it was confirmed she was correct.

St. Hildegard continued to have visions throughout her life that were mystical and sometimes prophetic. She believed all her visions were messages given to her directly from God. Often they were ahead of her time, reflecting enlightened ideas that were not easily accepted within the current practices of the time.

With encouragement from her close friend and confidant, Volmar, she began to write down her visions even though she felt insecure about sharing her experience.

It wasn’t just smooth sailing from there! At one point, while writing, her insecurity led her to question whether she should continue. Would anyone believe her? Would anyone be interested in what she shared? Would they think she was insane?

However, she persevered. She felt that the work she was doing was necessary due to the failings of the Church at that time. She believed the Church had neglected the scriptures and had not taught the people how to live a life of faith in God. And now, she needed to share what she was hearing and seeing in her visions. But she still wondered, would anyone listen?

The descriptions of her visions came together as a book entitled Scivias and took more than 10 years to complete. And because St. Hildegard persevered, even through the obstacles of her time, we have the great gifts of her writing as a woman of the 12th century.

What an inspiration to all of us today!

What messages have you received to guide you on the path of your soul’s purpose?

How have you responded to these messages?

Do you persevere when there are challenges? If so, why do you choose to?

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