Refresh Your Home, Refresh Your Mind

Wow… we made it through January. We have settled after the holidays… And now, we truly have some energy to consider our future.

OK… here we go!

As we are definitely planted in the New Year and  look around our home, we might find ourselves in the midst of a mess! I know I am in the midst of quite a mess…

Taking time to clean and even rearrange the items in our living environment in February can help us move forward into 2024 in a positive way.

Refresh Your Home

Start by taking a closer look at the common areas where you spend most of your time.

Choose one room and begin to declutter. What do you no longer need and want to pass on to others? What needs to be thrown away?

Once you have identified and taken care of those items, see what is left in the room. What do you want to enjoy in this space and how can it be accessed easily? What’s new since 2023 and needs a special place? How can you fill the space with beauty and order? Do items need to be rearranged, organized, stored, or cleaned?

Put on some of your favorite music and create a beautiful space you’ll enjoy in the coming months. As a finishing touch add a vase of flowers, a new plant or diffuse your favorite essential oil in the space. It’ll put a smile on your face and in your heart

When you’re done with the first room, move to the next one that needs your attention. You may not need to visit every room, maybe only the common areas. But don’t forget the kitchen!

In the kitchen, take time to refresh your pantry and refrigerator, getting rid of any old foods no longer desired. Wipe down the shelves and stock them with healthy foods for the coming days of winter. Don’t forget the oven that probably saw a lot of activity recently! Give it a thorough cleaning.

When this is complete, you’ll be ready for enjoying some nutritious, home-cooked meals soon.

Refresh Your Mind

As your home starts to be refreshed, it’s a perfect time to do the same with your mind! February is a good time to take stock of your life’s journey and consider its direction for the coming year.

Finding a way to creatively express your reflections on thoughtful questions about your life will help you see the deeper meaning of major and minor moments from the past years. You may write, draw, paint or maybe do a combination. Whatever inspires you to reflect!

Start with looking back at the past year. Use these questions as a springboard for your reflection:

  • What were major events or circumstances that influenced your life in the past year?
  • What relationships made a difference in your life this past year?
  • What accomplishments from the last year are you excited about? These can be decisions or dreams realized or even steps made toward them.
  • How have you taken care of yourself in the last year – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically?
  • What major crossroads or decisions arose in the year? How did they affect your life?
  • What were your most meaningful contributions during the year? In your work, to others, for yourself?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What did you learn from your reflection on these questions that you’d like to release or take with you into the new year?

After you consider the last year, take time to release what you no longer need and decide what you do want to carry forward. Then consider these questions:

  • What seems to be calling to me for the coming year – in my work, relationships, life?
  • What do I need to attend to more? Or less?
  • What dreams or longings do I have that I still want to manifest in my life?

You may not have concrete answers for all of these, but you’ll be planting seeds for the future by just considering them.

Once you’ve refreshed your home and refreshed your mind, you’ll step into the new year ready to be fully present and engaged in your life’s journey. You’ll feel energized and ready to get going!

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