Creativity as a

Spiritual Practice

4 Steps to incorporating the habit of creativity for spirtual fullfillment

Discover your unique style of  artistry to help you shed light on your creative gifts

Design a beautiful safe place where you can let your creativity magically flow

Connect with the Divine in your own unique way so you can step through fear and uncover your true strength

In this Masterclass


Discover your true artistic style and unleash your creative potential like never before. Explore different art forms and techniques to find your unique creative style.


Design a beautiful and inspiring space that nurtures your creativity and brings out your best work. Create a sacred space that inspires and encourages creativity.


Connect with the divine source of inspiration and tap into limitless creativity. Cultivate a spiritual practice that allows you to connect with the divine and access creative energy.

You need this IF…

You’re struggling to find your unique artistic style and express your creativity.

You don’t have a dedicated space to cultivate your creative energy and let it flow.

You feel disconnected from your inner self and need guidance in finding inspiration.

Embrace creativity as a spiritual practice to unlock your hidden talents, connect with the Divine, and find a sense of purpose. Our program combines artistry and spirituality to provide a truly unique and transformative experience. We offer guidance, support, and a beautiful safe space for you to explore your creative gifts and shed light on your true artistic potential.

For everyone who’s wanted to:

tap into their inner creativity and unleash their artistic potential, our Masterclass Creativity as a Spiritual Practice offers a transformative journey. Discover your unique style of artistry and unlock the true power of your creative gifts. In this program, we will guide you in designing a beautiful, safe space where you can let your creativity magically flow. By connecting with the divine and uncovering your inner strength, you will not only create powerful works of art but also embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Discover the transformative practice of creativity and unleash your full artistic potential. 

Join us on this journey of

joyful self-expression and enlightenment

A note from Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen

Can you imagine healing from a congenital heart defect and a painfully frozen pelvis? All while journeying through a massive kundalini energy awakening born of an intense shamanic experience? No degree can teach you how to do that.

This is why I know that my gifts come from a spiritual dimension. St. Hildegard has been my guide for over 30 years. She has shown me how to heal and how to become a creative powerhouse.

And I hold a Doctorate in Ministry degree and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education. Also, I am an accomplished artist and educator. I use all of this and much more when helping others heal their souls.