Rediscover the Bubbling Energy of a Child who Loves to Play

For the next couple months, join me in creative activities that’ll help you to rebalance in the season of summer. This week, we’ll focus on the second chakra, the sacral chakra. You’ll strengthen and balance that energy center through your activity, and you’ll have fun too!

The Sacral Chakra: Expressing Yourself Creatively

The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is located in your lower abdomen, a couple inches below your navel. It’s where our creativity is birthed and brought into the world.   Where our sexual energy lives, and where our relationships grow.

It’s home to your inner child who has an abundance of bubbling energy and loves to play. Remember when you were a young child and your eyes would sparkle with delight? Tap into this abundant joy and energy to bring forth now.

And out of this adventurous and playful energy, you’ll discover a flow of giving and receiving.

A giving and receiving in…




A Balanced Sacral Chakra: Feeling Emotionally Sound

When you have a balanced sacral chakra, you’ll feel creative and energetic in life. You’ll feel emotionally connected and have a healthy love for yourself and others in relationship. You’ll have passions you pursue in life with a flow of giving and receiving. You’ll be open to new opportunities and accept changes that arise with flexibility and balanced emotions. You’ll have a positive outlook on life.

Here are 3 summer activities to support you in feeling emotionally sound and expressing yourself creatively:

  1. Get inspired.
    • Visit an art museum.
    • Take a class that engages your creativity – cooking, painting, clay, singing, and more.
    • Draw, paint, or journal every day for a month.
    • Listen to an inspirational speaker.
    • Explore a new location – a nearby park, new town, or even a different country.


  1. Get wet.
    • Find water (ocean, river, lake, creek) and take a walk nearby listening to the sound of water as it moves.
    • Dip your feet in water in nature or jump right in.
    • Find a nearby swimming pool and go swimming regularly.
    • Enjoy a relaxing bath or shower at home.
    • Stay hydrated. Drink sips of warm tea or water throughout the day.


  1. Be artistic.
    • Find a creative activity you can do frequently this summer: garden, sculpt clay, watercolor paint, cook, dance, sing and more. Maybe explore a new one!
    • Go outside and gather some nature items from the ground. Use them to create a beautiful design, a nature mandala. See these designs to get inspired.

Enjoy these activities to jumpstart your energy in your sacral chakra, and next time, we’ll continue with creative, summer activities for the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra.

Interested in learning to chant mantras to balance your chakras? Check out my Free Healing Library.