Get Grounded this Summer

The earth is warming up and the daylight is lasting longer here in the northern hemisphere. The flowers are blossoming, and the bees are happily buzzing. The warmth and expansion we experience in the season of summer plants a seed for the future. It’s a season to reset and rebalance ourselves, providing us greater health and strength as we move into the autumn.

For the next couple months, join me in creative activities that will help you to rebalance in the season of summer. This week, we’ll focus on the first chakra, the root chakra. You’ll strengthen and balance that energy center through your creative activity. And you’ll have fun too!

The Root Chakra: Feeling Safe and Secure in Your Life

The root or base chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine at the pelvic floor. It opens downward toward the Earth and its main function is to support you in being grounded or rooted, to have a sense of safety and security in life on the Earth.

It’s the Foundation of Life, the wisdom of Mother Earth energy within you.

Being rooted in the wisdom of Mother Earth gives you a palpable sense of being rooted in the Divine. When your root chakra is functioning well you know that the Divine is your true source of security. Everything else can grow from there.

The root chakra is also where your instincts reside, where your basic needs are met. It’s here where you experience safety and security in being upon the Earth, within the Divine.

This chakra provides the remarkable ability for you to survive even in extreme conditions in your environment. It enables you to harness courage, resourcefulness, and the will to live.

Your sense of security now, as an adult, is also related to how safe and secure you felt as a young child. Whether your caregivers provided for your basic needs, and you developed a trust in the world. Or if care was not present consistently and a mistrust arose.

A Balanced Root Chakra: Feeling Grounded

When you have a balanced root chakra, you’ll feel secure in the world and daily tasks will require little effort. You’ll not doubt your security in the world, and things will flow easily for you, whether it be with relationships, money, or a career. You’ll be able to breathe into the world, trusting that the Universe will provide for your needs of safety and security.

Here are 3 creative activities for summer to help you get grounded and feel more secure in the world:

  1. Connect with nature.
  • Go for a hike or walk in nature among the tall trees or colorful flowers.
  • Get your hands dirty! Plant and care for a garden.
  • Take your socks and shoes off and walk barefoot on the earth – preferably in the grass, dirt, or sand.
  1. Awaken your 5 senses.
  • Cook something with delicious flavors and savor the aromas and tastes.
  • Place some colorful flowers in a vase on your table or bedside. Bring plants into your home – real, living ones!
  • Listen to harmonious and peaceful music – sacred chants or sounds.
  • Engage in something artistic – sculpting clay, watercolor painting, dance, singing and more.
  1. Do a deep clean of your house.
  • Open the windows and let in some fresh air.
  • Put on some lively music and start cleaning!
  • Put away any winter items and bring out the summer ones.
  • Dust and vacuum.
  • Clean the windows and screens.
  • Wash your sheets and let them air dry outside before putting them on your bed.
  • Put some fresh flowers in vases around your home.

What other activities make you feel grounded?  Add some of those too!

Next week, we’ll continue with creative summer activities for the second chakra, the sacral chakra. Join me then!

Interested in learning to chant mantras to balance your chakras? Check out my Free Healing Library.