Feel Energized Today, Even in Winter
Is your energy feeling low today? Are you ready for spring, yet the cold temperatures of winter linger on?

​Let me share with you a way to feel energized even in the middle of winter!

Every day, we have an opportunity, an opportunity to connect to the world around us.

This connection, when attended to, can be a powerful source of energy for us. For we live in relationship to the earth and the universe.

Using creativity, whether it be drawing, painting, songwriting or something else, can be a rich and rewarding way of helping us to tap into the energy and support that exists all around us.

Today, I want to invite you to tap into this support through creative expression. Join me! Let’s go outside and find something in the environment to draw. Something that is calling to you.  Something that has a message just for you today.


First, step outside and take a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes briefly and set an intention to connect more closely with something in your environment today.

Open your eyes and walk around your house or your neighborhood outside. What seems to be calling to you? What wants to connect with you today?

Choose something and then take a seat nearby. Spend a few minutes just sitting in silence and observing.

Notice the gesture or movement of the object you chose. Is it angular or curved or both?

Does it stretch up into the sky or reach out across the ground?

Does it billow outward and become wide or does it have thin, straight spikes?

Next, observe the details.

What colors? Notice every color. Are there several shades of green or brown? Gray? Blue?


​Notice the texture – bumpy, smooth, prickly, rough? Touch it to feel the texture if you’re able to.

Now, take out your paper and colored pencils and draw. Take your time or move quickly, whichever seems best to you.

As you’re drawing, become aware of the connection you feel toward this object, the energy within it, the way it moves, the way it connects to the earth and the universe.

Appreciate its uniqueness and what it offers to the world.

Then, as you start to reach the completion of your drawing, consider the message the object is sharing with you today.


What wisdom does it offer you for your life today?

What can you learn from it to bring forward on your journey?

Take a moment to consider or even jot down some words next to your drawing. Return to your home, holding in gratitude the experience of connection and the message(s) received today.

Is it winter where you live and a little too cold to stay outside too long?  You can still do this activity! Simply take a walk outside and choose something you can see from a window in your home. Explore its color, shape, and texture during your time outside. Then return inside to draw. You can look out your window to see it again, as needed.

Feeling energized now? I hope you are!  What a precious gift it is to be able to connect to what is all around us every day.

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