It’s 2019 and Less is More
It’s 2019!  Happy New Year!  We’ve passed through the longest night of darkness and now we’re seeing more of the sunlight during the day. I hope you were renewed and nourished during the Sacred Nights of winter that just passed!

Are you feeling filled with hope, strength, and love?  Ready to shine your light out to the world in the new year?  To share the gifts that your community is waiting to receive?

I hope so!


As you begin 2019, I invite you to engage in a regular practice to heal and balance your chakras so you can show up as your best self in your community in the new year.  A practice such as chanting mantras for each chakra can support you in stepping into the new year with……..

  • less anxiety & fear, more courage & peace
  • less fatigue, more joy & creativity
  • less stress, more inner power & strength
  • less pain & suffering, more love & compassion
  • less negativity, more speaking the truth compassionately
  • less confusion, more clarity
  • less loneliness, more connection


Isn’t that what we all would love?!
Join me in a regular practice of chanting mantras in Sanskrit to bring renewed energy and vitality to your chakras.
What a wonderful way to start your new year!
When I chant mantras, my body relaxes and my mind becomes calm. I feel more deeply connected with the Divine. Energy flows to restore my body, mind, and health back to wholeness, back to balance, back to my natural state. This gives me the strength and power to shine my light out into my community.  It’s part of my spiritual practice and how I shine my light into the world.

By bringing more life into your chakras, you’ll be able to experience…….


Less Anxiety & Fear
More Courage & Peace
The first chakra, the root chakra, is the one that supports us in finding our resources to survive and take action in really difficult situations. Chanting a mantra related to this chakra can help you calm fear and ground you in safety and security.The mantra associated with Ganesh, the Hindu deity, can support us in the healing of challenges within the root chakra. He is the Lord of Beginnings, and through his power everything is possible. No obstacles can stand in the way.Less Fatigue
More Joy & CreativityThe second chakra, the sacral chakra, is located in your lower abdomen, a couple inches below your navel.  It’s where our emotions reside. Chanting a mantra that relates to this chakra can help you release your fatigue and bring forth your creativity and joy for life.A mantra associated with Saraswati, the goddess of music and arts and also of knowledge and wisdom, can inspire our creativity in life.  Helping us to find our own unique gifts to be birthed.Less Stress
More Inner Power & Strength

The third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, is located between your navel and the bottom of your sternum.  This is the home to our light that radiates our personal power and strength out into the world.  It’s the awe-inspiring energy of the sun that ignites our power, burning away any blockages that we experience as STRESS that may be getting in our way. Chanting a mantra that relates to this chakra can help to ease your stress and ignite your radiant power, warmth, and light.

We can call upon the goddess, Durga, for this mantra.  She sits upon her lion or tiger, and battles the forces of evil in the world. She is invincible, as the protective Mother of the Universe.


Less Pain & Suffering
More Love & Compassion
The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is located at the center of the chest.  It’s the bridge between the lower chakras of matter and the upper chakras of spirit. Chanting a mantra associated with this chakra can help you to heal your hurt and pain and opening your heart to love, compassion, and understanding.For this mantra, we can call upon the god, Krishna, the Hindu god that radiates love and compassion. His playful nature also reminds us to remain good-natured through the challenges that come our way in our life’s journey.Less Negativity
More Speaking the Truth CompassionatelyOur words have great power.  Power to heal and power to create anew.  This is at the foundation of the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. It’s the source of your speaking, listening, and ability to express yourself authentically.When your throat chakra is balanced and you speak your truth it’ll be experienced as authentic and compassionate.  You’ll be able to be open and honest.  To stand up for what you believe, yet not be hurtful toward others.Chanting a mantra associated with this chakra can help you to find your voice in self expression and in communication with others. For this mantra, we can call upon the goddess, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess, of abundance, wealth, and beauty. She can support you in your efforts to speak your truth with compassion and to listen deeply to others, bringing abundance to all.

Less Confusion
More Clarity

The third eye or brow chakra is in the space between the eyebrows, just a little above on the forehead. When it’s in balance you see clearly and understand what you see. You have perspective on events and ideas.  You’re open to new ideas and can be quietly reflective.  You trust your intuition.

Chanting a mantra that associated with this chakra can help you to see clearly, understand what you see, and trusting your intuition.

To help balance the brow chakra, we can call upon the Hindu god Shiva who is often depicted with a third eye of wisdom.  He sees beyond the obvious with clear perception and shows what is truth.

Less Loneliness
More Connection

The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is what gives us the ability to “rise above” and access higher states of consciousness, as we open to that which is beyond ourselves. It’s the source of our connection to the divine energy of creation and to our higher self.  Also to the experience that we are one with everyone and everything in nature. When this chakra is in balance, you’ll feel grounded and connected to the divine. You have a sense of the deeper meaning of life and feel a deep peace.

Chanting a mantra associated with this chakra can help you in connecting to the divine and feeling at one with all that is. To help balance the crown chakra, we can call upon Brahman, for this mantra.  Brahman is not to be confused with Brahma, the Hindu deity.  Brahman is without a beginning and without an end and yet is within all. Brahman is cosmic spirit and infinite consciousness.  The universal principle and eternal truth.

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May you grow in the light of the Divine to become your highest self!

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