Bring Your Vision into the World in 2019
How is the Divine calling you to shine forth in the new year?  
What images come to mind for you as you look into 2019?
What do you want to create or birth new in this year?  

These questions kept coming to me again and again during the Sacred Nights recently. 

​I’m always inspired by the courage and strength St. Hildegard found to bring forth her visions into the world. She always gives me strength to keep on my path to manifest my own visions.

One of her greatest visions was when she was called to leave her home of 40 years and build her own abbey. St. Hildegard’s commitment to bring this project to fruition was fueled by the inspiring work she saw from St. Rupert in the 7th century.

Her song, O Jerusalem, is a celebration of this new creation, her abbey, and the respect and even kinship she felt toward St. Rupert.


The world is calling us to become creators within our communities.  New and courageous solutions and new and courageous ideas are needed!

Through our creations, we have the possibility to become a shining and powerful healing force in the world!

Become inspired to begin your next creative endeavor! Or what I like to call your Rupertsberg!

I invite you to listen to St. Hildegard’s song, O Jerusalem and do the accompanying practice. Click here to access the song and practice. As St. Hildegard expresses so beautifully:

Feel the Living Light!
Feel the Beauty! Feel the Spark of God!
Feel the Warmth which heals.
Hear Love calling: “Peace, Peace, Peace.”


What in your life are you being called to create right now?

What is your next Rupertsberg?  Meaning, what is your current (or next) creative endeavor that you are being called to birth into this world so that it can be of service?

Fill your Rupertsberg with beauty, light, and love as you picture it in your mind. Imagine it bringing warmth and healing into the world. Step into what it would be like to manifest in the world. How would you feel?

Picture yourself having already brought this vision into reality. How do you feel now?

How can you realize and manifest this vision?

If you are inspired by the song O Jerusalem and the accompanying practice, I invite you to check out all 10 Healing Songs and Practices that Will Give Voice to Your Creativity now available here.  Bring your creative vision into the world this year!