What’s Longing for Change in Your Life? This color will help you make a shift.

​What’s in your life right now that’s longing for some change?

Maybe it’s a habit that no longer serves you.

Maybe it’s a relationship that needs a shift.

Or maybe there’s something new you’d like to bring into your life.

​Consider what needs a change or transformation in your life at this time – either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Choose one. Sometimes it’s easy to create a whole list of things that need change! But for today, just choose one.

And sometimes, we like to stay in our comfort zone and not change anything. Well, for today, I want you to think of something, at least one thing, that longs to change. Maybe it’s small.  Maybe you’ll add a little more time in nature each day. Maybe you’ll check on a friend once a week. Maybe you’ll commit to time alone for self-care once a week.  Whatever calls to you, pick just one, even if it seems like a small change.

Hold that one change you’d like to make in your mind as you begin our color exploration today.

If you’re just joining me for the first time, we’ve been on a color journey for several weeks, and today is the 4th in this series. If you missed the first ones or would like to do them again, you can find them here: Color exploration #1, #2, and #3.

Color has a powerful impact on us each day whether you’re aware of it or not. Color can shift our mood and our feelings and even support healing in our bodies.

So, let’s jump into our color journey today. Let’s explore and play! No special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun!

You’ll need some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, we’re going to move into yellow and red again today. And then on to orange for the first time!

Starting with the Color Yellow
If you’ve been joining me for the last couple weeks, you’re very familiar with this color! Today, you’ll begin with yellow again, but this time golden yellow if you have it. If not, lemon yellow with a touch of red will also work, but the golden yellow will bring the most vivid color experience.Take your blank white paper and bring some golden yellow right to the middle of the paper. Move the golden yellow color out in curves, like a sun that is shining from the center. Watch as the paper comes to life. Continue with golden yellow until it has covered the entire white paper.Spend a few minutes gazing into the golden yellow. Soak in this bright and warm color.

Remember, yellow is a color that is stimulating and expansive, like the bright sun of summer. It can help you think clearly and quickly. It’s excellent for self-expression and creativity and can inspire new ideas.

Now, let’s move on to the color red.

Adding the Color Red
When you’re ready, place red right in the center where you started with golden yellow. Recall once again that one area you’d like to change. Hold that in your mind as you continue.Remember red is a color that contains unlimited energy, heat and power. Think of the red of flames in a fire. It’s a color of courage, passion, and sensuality. It draws new opportunities and prosperity into your life.Red is grounding too and can bring enthusiasm and excitement, and maybe even a little bit of danger.

Red and Yellow Create Orange
Now, move the red out from the center in curves again, as you did with the golden yellow, allowing the yellow to become a strong orange.

As you work, notice the transformation that arises. Notice how the warm yellow is energized with power and strength from the red. Notice how the golden yellow changes.

When you’ve transformed the entire paper into orange, take a moment and gaze at the color. Bring to mind again that one change you’d like to make. Contemplate how it is now and how it can change like the golden yellow with red into orange.

Orange is the color of change and transformation. It’s a color that helps us bring emotions to the surface that need to be cleared or released.

Orange can bring support in transforming fear, loneliness, and depression. It helps to improve vitality and awaken creative energy.

An infusion of the red within the yellow, orange brings optimism, enthusiasm, courage, and determination. It’s the color of movement and change.

Take a few moments and let orange work its magic for you.

​When you’re done, set your paper aside and consider the following:

How did you experience orange?

How did it affect you?

Was it different from the yellow and red? If so, how?

Return to look at your color exploration of orange as you begin to make the change you want to this week. It’ll support you!

This is the 4th in a series of 6 color explorations I’m sharing in my blog posts. Join me again next week, and we’ll move on to a new color for some more fun!

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