Bring Better Balance into Your Life with this Color Exploration
 Are you struggling with trying to create a balance in your life?


A balance between work and recreation? Or between activity and rest?
Or maybe you’re seeking to find balance in social activity – do you often have too much or too little?

Or maybe there’s another area in your life where you long for a little more balance.

Today’s color exploration will support you in bringing balance into your life wherever you may need it.

If you’re just joining me today for the first time, we’ve been on a color journey for several weeks, and today is the 5th in this series. If you missed the first ones or would like to do them again, you can find them here, #1, #2, #3, #4.

​Color has a powerful impact on us each day whether you’re aware of it or not. Color can shift our mood and our feelings and even support healing in our bodies.

So, let’s get going on our color journey today. No special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun and play!

You’ll need some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, let’s jump into the colors red and blue today.

The Color Red
We’re going to start with red today. You can place your red wherever you’d like today, just be sure to leave some white on the paper. Make it a strong, deep red color.

Remember from our previous explorations that red is a color that contains unlimited energy, heat, and power. It has great strength. Think of the red of flames in a fire. It’s a color of courage, passion, and sensuality. It draws new opportunities and prosperity into your life.

Red is grounding too and can bring enthusiasm and excitement, and maybe even a little bit of danger!

Take a moment to soak in the color red before you move on.

Adding the Color Blue
When you’re ready, take out your blue. Bring your blue around or near your red in any way that you’re able to. Have blue embrace red.

Let your eyes experience the blue as you work. And call to mind again that area in your life where you’d like more balance.

Blue creates a sense of tranquility and serenity, like the turquoise color of the sea at the beach. It’s very soothing to the mind and body, bringing a sense of peace and calm.

Blue is a color that’s cooling and protecting. It brings you back to your center and encourages independence. It’s a color that can help you with communication and give you confidence to speak up.

In this color journey, blue can help bring balance to red, like rain will bring coolness in the air on a hot and fiery summer day.

Now let your eyes gaze upon the confident power of the red and the calming mood of the blue.

Allow the colors to work their magic, offering you the gift of balance in your life.

What did you experience with each color separately today?

And what about when they’re next to each other?

Reflect on your experience and when you’re complete, set your artistic creation aside. We’ll remember it next week when we move to the color violet.

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