Give Yourself a Boost of Energy and Motivation With this Color Exploration

 Feeling a little drained after a long week?

Lacking motivation and confidence to move forward in your next steps?

Today’s color exploration will be perfect – you’ll be rejuvenated and energized. You’ll receive a boost of motivation and confidence.

If you’re just joining me today for the first time, we’ve been on a color journey for several weeks and today is the 3rd in this series. If you missed the first ones or would like to do them again, you can find them here: Color exploration #1 and #2.

Have you noticed how the last color explorations affected you? How did they help you shift your state each time?

Color has a powerful impact on us each day whether you’re aware of it or not. Color can shift our mood and our feelings and even support healing in our bodies.

So, let’s jump into our color journey today. Let’s explore and play! No special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun!

You’ll need some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, let’s jump into yellow and red today.

The Color Yellow
If you’ve been joining the color journey for the last couple weeks, you’re already familiar with this color. Today, you’ll begin with yellow, but in a different way. Take your blank white paper and bring some lemon yellow right to the corner of the paper. Move the yellow paint out from the corner in curves, like a sun that is shining from the corner. Watch as the paper comes to life. Continue with the yellow until it has covered about 1/3-1/2 of your white paper.Spend a few minutes gazing into the yellow. Soak in the bright and joyful color.

Remember, yellow is a color that is stimulating and expansive, like the bright sun of summer. It can help you think clearly and quickly. It’s excellent for self-expression and creativity and can inspire new ideas.

Yellow can help you let go of negativity and tension, bringing optimism, laughter, and inner strength into your life.

Now, let’s move on to the color red.​

The Color Red
When you’re ready, start with the red in the opposite corner on your paper from the yellow. Make it a strong, deep red and move it out from the corner, life fire flames toward the yellow.Allow the red to just come to meet the yellow, not mix or blend.

Continue until all the white on your paper is gone and yellow and red meet somewhere in the middle.

Take a moment and gaze at the color red.

Red is a color that contains unlimited energy, heat, and power. Think of the red of flames in a fire. It’s a color of courage, passion, and sensuality. It draws new opportunities and prosperity into your life.

Red is grounding and helps you experience a strong sense of self. It brings enthusiasm and excitement, and maybe even a little bit of danger.

The Color Red Moving Toward Yellow
Let your eyes experience the red moving toward the yellow. A passionate enthusiasm directed toward the joyful sun.Now let your eyes see the bright, clear yellow color face the confident power of the red.

Allow the colors to work their magic, offering you a surge of energy and confidence, motivating you to get active and take your next steps.

What did you experience with these 2 colors one at a time? And what about when they met each other?

Reflect on your experience and when you’re complete, set your artistic creation aside. We’ll remember it next week when we move from yellow and red to orange.

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