The Tranquility of Blue to Bring Calm and Confidence to your Voice

Have you taken time to unwind and relax this summer yet?

If not, I invite you join me and dive into an experience of the color blue. It’ll bring you right into the mood of summer!

Imagine for a moment…

A gentle breeze caresses your face as your bare feet sink into the warm grains of the golden sand with each step you take along the beach. You gaze dreamily out to the turquoise waters of the sea that sparkle under the light of the sun.

A swooping arc of a seagull nearby captures your attention as it caws and flies into the distance where the sea and sky melt into each other in a mesmerizing weaving of azure and turquoise.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re there on the beach seeing the beautiful blue of the sea and the sky for a few moments.

When you open your eyes, pause for a moment and check-in. How do you feel?
The Calming Color of Blue
The incredible beauty of the color blue can carry us away to lands of warm waters and clear skies. Blue creates a sense of tranquility and peace for us, soothing our minds and calming our bodies. A wonderful space for us to find our inner self, our deeper thoughts, and our authentic voice.The Throat Chakra
Blue is also the color associated with the throat chakra and can help us bring the throat chakra into balance. It can help calm fear, improve your communication abilities, and give you the confidence to find your voice and speak your thoughts.

The throat chakra is located in the throat area that includes the neck, jaw, shoulders, and also ears. It’s the center of expression and the source of your speaking, listening, and ability to express yourself authentically.

When your throat chakra is balanced and you speak your truth, it’ll be experienced as authentic and compassionate.

You’ll also be able to listen deeply to others, giving them an experience of being heard and understood.

​When your throat chakra is overactive, you may feel overwhelmed with emotion. You’ll be very talkative, arrogant or engage in manipulative behavior. When your energy in your throat chakra is low, you may feel shy or reticent and not want to communicate openly with others, afraid of the response or judgment. You may shake or stutter as you speak OR be unclear in your words as you speak before thinking. You may also act in passive-aggressive ways.

Chanting a Mantra for the Throat Chakra
To help balance your throat chakra energy, I invite you to join me in picturing the color blue (back at that beach, if you’d like!) and chant a mantra invoking the goddess Lakshmi. This can help you to bring awareness and healing to the throat chakra, supporting you in finding your voice in self-expression and in communication with others.

The goddess, Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance, wealth, and beauty. She can support you in your efforts to speak your truth with compassion and to listen deeply to others, bringing abundance to all.

You can find the Healing Lakshmi Mantra in my Free Healing Library  and chant along with me.

After chanting, sit for a moment in silence and allow the sound to continue to reverberate around you like the gentle waves of a turquoise sea.

Interested in more? Check out my How to Bring Life to Your Chakras, 7 Healing Mantras guidebook here.