Feeling Confused? Not Seeing Things In Your Life Clearly? Discover 3 Ways to Balance Your Brow Chakra for Better Clarity

Summer’s a great time to explore your creative side, and I hope you’ve been doing that!

Today, I want to share with you how you can direct your creative energy to activating and balancing one of your spiritual chakras, the brow chakra, or sometimes called the third eye.
The brow chakra or third eye is in the space between the eyebrows, just a little above on the forehead. It encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower brain.

When it’s in balance you see clearly and understand what you see. You can perceive and interpret visual cues. You have perspective on events and ideas. You’re open to new ideas and can be quietly reflective. You trust your intuition and inner wisdom, able to discern what is for your higher good.

Here are 3 ways to help you open and balance your brow chakra through engaging your creative side.

1.    Notice and appreciate the beauty in the world. Since the brow chakra is about seeing and perspective, taking time to see the beauty all around you in the world will help to bring balance to this chakra. A walk in nature or visiting an art gallery are wonderful possibilities. Allow your eyes to soak in the colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that you see.

2.    Create visual art. This will also activate your sight and perspective. You might sketch, draw, or paint. Or maybe explore collage, sculpture, or photography. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be activating your vision while exploring form, color, and perspective.
3.    Attend to your dreams. When you first wake up, try to recall and then write down or sketch your dreams. Dreams often represent deeper aspects of ourselves and what we’re experiencing in life. By becoming more aware of them, you’ll experience new perspectives about your journey.

​As the brow chakra is related to vision, the eyes and perspective, sometimes a blocked brow chakra can arise out of something we’ve seen, shame we feel (inward vision), or being told something that doesn’t match what we see.

You’ll know if your brow chakra is out of balance, as you’ll notice you struggle with seeing a different perspective. Things won’t make sense to you. You may be confused and have challenges seeing things clearly.

That’s a good time to explore these 3 ways to bring balance to your brow chakra.

Chanting a Mantra for the Brow Chakra

If you are interested in further activation of your brow chakra, I invite you to join me in chanting a mantra that relates to a Hindu deity associated with this chakra. This can help you to bring deeper awareness and healing to this chakra, supporting you in seeing clearly, understanding what you see, and trusting your intuition.

To help balance the brow chakra, we can call upon the Hindu god Shiva who is often depicted with a third eye of wisdom. He sees beyond the obvious with clear perception and shows what is truth.

You can find the Healing Shiva Mantra in my Free Healing Library and chant along with me.

Interested in more? Check out my How to Bring Life to Your Chakras, 7 Healing Mantras guidebook here.