The Breath of the Divine… Warm your heart with harmonious and healing sound

Are you feeling a little off or uncomfortable in your body? Have you been ill or suffering in some way recently?

Every part of our body has a vibration. Every organ, tissue, and cell. When these are in harmony, then we have our health and well-being.

If disharmony arises in some form, there is a loss of well-being, and we may experience discomfort, illness, or disease.

​We can harness the vast potential of energy that is available through sound (created by vibrations) for our own healing and well-being. It can open the gate to a universal energy field that is far greater than ourselves. And then we can begin to vibrate at a higher level, leading to harmony and health.
Are you ready to reap the benefits of the power of harmonious and healing sound in your life?When we bring the right kind of sound into our lives, we can align ourselves with vibrations that encourage health, happiness, and unity. They can help you to shift from discomfort and illness to healing and well-being.

As shared by Deepak Chopra,
“The body is held together by sound, and the presence of disease indicates that some sounds are out of tune… primordial sound is the mysterious link that holds the universe together in a web that is the quantum field.”
I invite you to explore this vast potential of healing energy through sound with me. Let’s call upon the Hindu god, Krishna, to support us. He’s the deity that plays divine music on his beloved flute.
As Krishna plays melodies on his flute every day, he holds deep gratitude and love for the plants and for the sacrifice of the bamboo that allowed him to create his flute to make beautiful music.

As the harmonious sounds float through the air, they reach Mother Nature who responds with love. The lakes and rivers rise, overflowing onto their banks. And the plants glow with the vibrancy of life – luscious green grasses, ripe juicy fruits, and sweetly fragrant flowers. The birds begin to sing, and the peacocks dance. As the divine melodies float in the breeze, they warm the hearts of all who hear.

​Join me today and let’s chant a mantra that invokes the energy of the Hindu deity, Krishna, to warm your heart with harmonious sound, allowing it to flow through you in whatever way you’re in need.

First, take a moment to bring attention to your fourth chakra, the heart chakra, that is located at the center of the chest. It’s related to the element of air.

We can use our breath and movement, within the air, to feel deeply connected with all that is around us, harmoniously exchanging energy with it. When your heart chakra is in balance, it flows with love, empathy, and compassion for yourself and others.

​Now, go and access the mantra Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha here,  and let’s chant together!

Through the chanting of the mantra, invite the breath of the Divine to flow through you whenever and however it’s needed.

For who are you and who am I, but the Divine? You too can open to receive the breath of the Divine through your being and, in turn, create harmonious and divine sound out in the world.

If you feel called, place your hands over your heart while you are chanting. You can picture any pain that you may be experiencing in your life at this time. And after chanting for a while, slowly move your hands away from your heart, moving your arms up and out towards the heavens. Keep chanting as you do so and imagine the pain leaving your heart and being surrendered to the Divine.

Then, place your hands over your heart once again. Ask yourself, who or what do I want to send my love to? Feel love in your entire being for them. Keep chanting as you do so. While still chanting, move your arms outward and imagine extending your love to them.

After chanting, sit for a moment in silence and allow the sound to continue to reverberate around and through you.
Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha

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