Needing a Burst of Sunshine Today?
​Are you feeling a little lethargic today? Moving slowly? Here’s a way to shift your energy and feel rejuvenated.
​First, take a look outside your window. What can you see?
Summer’s all around us in its glorious splendor. What beauty in this season!The warm sun shines down upon the bright colored flowers. The warm color of yellow radiating out into the world.

Yellow is the color associated with the solar plexus chakra, located between your navel and the bottom of your sternum. It opens in a forward direction and is the source of the light that radiates your personal power and strength into the world.

We can picture the awe-inspiring energy of the sun igniting your power, burning away any blockages that may be getting in your way. It empowers YOU to be confident, responsible, and reliable, opening new doors in your life.

This chakra supports you in finding the strength to meet challenges and move forward. To take up action, with a strong will and warmth.

Today, I invite you to dive deeper into an experience of the color yellow to energize your solar plexus chakra (and you!).

First, go outside and take a walk, looking for yellow. Where do you find it? How does it make you feel?

As you return home, take a couple minutes to close your eyes and picture yellow. How does yellow move?

If yellow showed up at your door as a visitor and you invited yellow into your house, how would yellow speak and act? What would yellow say and how would it be said?

Now, it’s time to PLAY! Find some paints or colored pencils or even crayons. Get some paper.

Take out whatever colors of yellow you have. Maybe its lemon yellow, golden yellow or orange yellow. Whatever you have, start with one color in the center of your page and begin to move the color outward, letting it radiate out on the page. Watch as the white paper begins to transform.

Now, look at the other yellow colors you have. Do you feel called to add another color, blending it with the first? Maybe orange-yellow added to the lemon yellow? Or lemon yellow added to the golden yellow? You decide.

Continue until the whole page is transformed into a brilliant yellow.

Now, sit and look at the color yellow in your artistic creation, taking it in fully. Imagine it radiating from your solar plexus out into the world.

How do you feel now? How has yellow transformed your energy and your mood? Check-in with yourself to see.

If you are interested in deepening this work, I invite you to access the Healing Durga Mantra in my Free Healing Library to further support you in balancing your solar plexus chakra. You can join the Library and access the Healing Durga Mantra audio recording here. Join me and chant the mantra while picturing this warm yellow radiating from your solar plexus.

“Your radiance shines in every atom of creation.”   Rumi

Feeling rejuvenated and energized from the color yellow? I hope so!  You can access more creative activities here with the Creativity Bowl.