Needing a Boost in Energy? Summer is a perfect time for creative exploration.
​Summer is showing us its glorious splendor. What beauty! The lush green crowns of the trees sway in the breeze while raindrops gently fall bringing moisture to the earth. The birds are happily sharing their melodious songs with all, and the gardens are starting to explode with little sprouts.

​What plans do you have for creativity this summer? Any yet?

Summer’s a wonderful time to dive into creativity!

As the natural world around us explodes with vibrant life, our energy also expands. A perfect time for creativity and play!

You’ll feel a part of something greater.  And you’ll feel energized and alive.

What’s calling to you? Maybe you like to move in dance. Or paint or draw.

Maybe you like to write poetry or songs. Or maybe you become creative in your garden or kitchen.

Whatever it may be, summer’s a wonderful time to dive in and play.

As you play creatively, you lose track of what’s outside in the world – the news, daily tasks, worries, and fears. Your thoughts of that part of the world dissolve, releasing any stress you’re feeling.

You feel fully alive. And joyfully engaged.

It’s part of our nature to be creative, as human beings. And being creative brings us back to our true nature.

Inspiration to Get Started

Need a little inspiration to get started? If so, access my Creativity Bowl Practice here  – so simple and easy to get you on the path to creativity this summer.

​Need a little more support? I invite you to join me in calling upon the goddess, Saraswati.

Invoking Saraswati, Goddess of Music and the Arts

The goddess Saraswati, reigns over creativity, wisdom and knowledge, music and the arts. She can inspire our creativity in life and support us to find our creative expression in whatever way it may desire to flow forth – dance, yoga, drawing, painting, singing, and in all aspects of our daily life.

Saraswati supports human beings to ignite the seeds of creative expression within themselves. Whether it be an idea, thought, dream, song, artistic piece or passion, a new impulse comes into being!

You can join me HERE in chanting a mantra to invoke the goddess Saraswati. She’ll help us to bring awareness to the second chakra, the sacral chakra located in your lower abdomen. This is a place where we can access our creative nature.

Sara meaning Essence, and Swa as One Self comes together as The Essence of One Self. In the word Saraswati the meaning becomes, “One who Leads to the Essence of One Self.”

Saraswati, the one who taps into the deepest essence of who you are and your gifts to the world that are needed that can flow through you and out into the world.

Find the Healing Saraswati Mantra in my Free Healing Library  and chant along with me.

​Access the Creativity Bowl here.

And may you join the energy of summer and expand out into the world with wondrous creativity this season!