A Simple Tool to Calm Anxiety and Feel Grounded
​Do you have days where you feel frazzled and not very grounded? Your anxiety seems to rise into your throat, and you don’t feel very safe or secure at all.
​I know I have times like this on occasion, and I open my toolbox to support myself with a powerful mantra when this happens.
And in a very short time, I’m able to dissolve any anxiety or fear and feel grounded again almost as if I have roots reaching down into Mother Earth. Breathing a deep sigh, I feel secure and at peace.

Let me share with you how I came to discover how powerful and useful this tool is.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember one warm and sunny day when I sat at a table in my house and opened up a box of clay. I pulled out a wet, cold lump and began to work with it. It wasn’t long before the coaxing and caressing of my hands brought an elephant to life!

First one elephant.

Then another.

Then another.

And then I had a whole herd of elephants!  The strength that came through their powerful legs, long trunk and amazing ears seemed to resonate with me.

In celebration, I decorated each precious elephant with sparkling glitter of silver and gold. And, oh, how I adored my collection of elephants for many months!

​Later in my life, as an adult, my love of elephants came back to me. I was sitting in a mantra class at the University of Creation Spirituality. My teacher, Russill Paul, was describing the Hindu deity Ganesh, a deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a human. I was completely captivated!

Their power and strength seemed to call to me once again.

Guided by our teacher, we soon were learning the chant Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha.   The words started to become familiar to my mouth as I repeated them again and again, their power resonated within my whole body. It became alive and energized!

We were invited to move, if inspired. Soon, I felt the spirit of this great creature, the elephant, with its power and glory fill my body. Its powerful legs and the way they moved their long trunks. Even their amazing, huge ears!

As I returned to my daily life, I discovered that I could call upon this powerful image of the elephant and this sacred Ganesh mantra to support me. So, soon I began teaching it to others. It helped them in feeling safe, secure and grounded in the world during the times that fear and anxiety rise up within.

Its energy helps to bring focus and healthy activation to the root chakra at the base of the spine. This is the chakra that supports us in being grounded or rooted upon the Earth. It’s the Foundation of Life and the Mother Earth energy within us.

I invite you to explore the movement of the elephant, as an animal in all of its glory. Take some time to look at photos of elephants or a film that shows how they move.  Watch how their large legs carry them on the earth, how their trunk helps them engage, and how their huge ears serve them.

Close your eyes and imagine what it is like to be an elephant upon the earth. How to move, travel, eat, and interact. Open your eyes and begin to move like an elephant if you feel inspired.

And then I invite you to join me and chant the mantra Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha to activate your root chakra, clearing any blockages. This will help calm any fear, leaving you grounded in safety and security in your life. You can access the Ganesh mantra in my Free Healing Library here.

We shine brilliantly knowing that we are safe and secure at our foundation. From here, we can grow within the eternal Light of the Divine to become all that we were meant to be!

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