Bring Harmony into Your Life With an Exploration of this Color

​Were you feeling energized, yet centered, in your color exploration of blue and yellow last week? I hope so! If you missed it, you can join the fun and find it here. 

Today, we’ll dive into an exploration with blue and yellow again, but in a new way. You’ll discover how you can use color to bring harmony into your life.

So, let’s get ready for a new color journey, and play! No special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun!

You’ll need some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, let’s get started.

Starting with the Color Yellow
Take your blank white paper and bring some lemon yellow right to the center of the paper again, just like last week. Lemon yellow, not golden, is the best one for today.

As you allow the yellow to radiate out on the paper, experience again how yellow is stimulating and expansive, like the bright sun of summer.

Remember to stop before you get to the edge of the paper. Leave some space that’s still white.

Adding the Color Blue
Then when you’re ready, work with your color blue from the outside in. Allow it to embrace the yellow and experience how the blue brings tranquility and protection.

Pause for a minute and enjoy the blue just coming up to meet the yellow, bringing a sense of balance within you – energized, yet centered and at peace.

Blue and Yellow create Green
Now, it’s time to let the colors blue and yellow dance together. Let blue move into yellow’s brightness and let yellow shine into blue’s darkness.

Continue blending the 2 colors to your heart’s content. You may decide to leave some pure yellow shining on a part of your paper or some calm blue in another part but allow the rest of your paper to be a playful exploration of GREEN.

There are many greens in the world. How many can you create on your paper?  Forest green, grass green, spring green, blue green and more. Have fun!

Green is a color that helps to bring harmony to any situation. It can dissolve aggression in relationships or sooth a broken heart. It can help you release issues from your past or bring revitalization and healing to your body. Green offers hope and abundance, like the plants that sprout from the ground every spring.

If you have joined me in the past, you’ll also remember that one of St. Hildegard’s contributions to the world was the idea of viriditas. Translated as “greening power,” viriditas can be described as the divine life force that lives and breathes within all living beings. This force is full of vitality, moisture, and fecundity, able to bring creativity and healthy abundance into the world. It makes all things grow, expand, and thrive. We experience it in the dynamic growth of plants in nature as well as our own sense of health. 
St. Hildegard’s thoughts on viriditas, or greening power, can help us expand our experience of the color green. Gaze at the green on your paper and see how it grows and thrives with a healthy life force.
Take a few moments and let green work its magic for you.

When you’re done, set your paper aside and consider the following:

How did you experience green?

How did it affect you?

Was it different from the yellow and blue? If so, how?

Contemplate which color resonates with you the most right now? Why do you think that is?

This is the 2nd in a series of 6 color explorations I’m sharing in my blog posts. Join me again next week, and we’ll move on to a new color for some more fun!

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