Playing with Color To Feel Energized and Centered

​Feeling a little tired or drained? Need to be energized and nourished?

I want to invite you to a journey with color over the next 6 weeks. Just follow my blog posts and join me. You’ll feel relaxed yet energized after each experience!

We’re surrounded by color in our lives every day. Whether there are colors that are pleasing to your eyes or ones that are not, they’re everywhere – in nature, your home, stores, your clothes and your food.

​Have you explored or played with color before? Have you ever considered how much color affects you? 
Even though we may not be aware of it, color has a powerful impact on us each day. Color can shift our mood and our feelings and even support healing in our bodies.  It’s almost like color has a secret power.Color can help you to feel calm and peaceful within or it can energize and excite you. It can give you strength and courage or it can open your heart to feel love and compassion.

So, join me on a color journey, and let’s explore and play! No special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun!

You’ll need some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, let’s dive into yellow and blue today.

The Color Yellow
First, take your blank white paper and bring some yellow right to the center of the paper. Start with a light, lemon yellow color first, if you have one. Start to move the yellow paint out from the center in a circular motion, like the sun radiating out. Watch as the paper comes to life and consider how it is making you feel.

​Allow the yellow to expand but stop before you get to the edge of the paper. Leave some space that’s still white. We’ll be bringing some blue there soon.

Spend a few minutes gazing into the yellow. Soak in the sunny joyfulness.
If you have a golden yellow color, you can add a little to the center and let it warm and radiate into the lemon yellow.

Yellow is a color that is stimulating and expansive, like the bright sun of summer. It can help you think clearly and quickly. It’s excellent for self-expression and creativity and can inspire new ideas.

Yellow can help you let go of negativity and tension, bringing optimism, laughter, and inner strength into your life.

Take a moment and allow yellow to work its magic for you.

The Color Blue
Then when you are ready, pull out your blue. Working from the outside in, bring blue to the white part of your paper on the periphery outside of the color yellow that you have. Work in a circular motion again, but this time embracing the yellow. Don’t blend with the yellow, just come up next to the yellow to rest.

Let your eyes soak in the blue as you work.

Blue creates a sense of tranquility and serenity, like the turquoise color of the sea at the beach. It’s very soothing to the mind and body, bringing a sense of peace and calm.

Blue is a color that is cooling and protecting. It brings you back to your center and encourages independence. It’s a color that can help you with communication and give you confidence to speak up.

The Color Blue Embracing Yellow
Take a few moments to let your eyes experience the blue next to the yellow. A calming color encircling a stimulating one. A lively one expanding from the center but hugged by the one on the outside.

Allow them to work their magic, bringing a sense of balance within you – energized, yet centered and at peace.

How did each color affect you, one at a time? And what about when they were together?

When you’re complete, set your artistic creation aside. We’ll remember it next week when we move from yellow and blue into green.

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