Connect to your Higher Self with this Color Exploration
Are you able to access and follow your intuition easily?

Or do you struggle with tapping into your higher self, your true self, to follow your intuition?

Today’s color exploration will help you connect more deeply to yourself – your intuition and your higher self. It’s a color that aids us in spiritual awareness and awakening.

If you’re just joining me today for the first time, we’ve been on a color journey for several weeks, and today is the 6th in this series. If you missed the first ones or would like to do them again, you can find them here, #1, #2, #3, #4 #5.


​By now, if you’ve joined me for the last several weeks, you’ve experienced how color has a powerful impact on us each day. It can shift our mood and our feelings on a difficult day and even aid in healing.
So, let’s begin our color journey today. Remember, no special skills needed; no judgment of your exploration. Just creative fun and play!

You’ll need to get out some paper and either crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Once you have what you need, let’s begin!

The Color Red
We’re going to start with red again today. You can place your red on one side, making sure you leave some white on the paper. You decide if you’d like a stronger or lighter red today.

Red is a color that contains unlimited energy and power. It has great strength. Think of the red of flames in a fire. It’s a color of courage and passion. Red is grounding too and can bring enthusiasm and excitement, and maybe even a little bit of danger!

A deep, strong red on your paper will activate the power of red. A light, subtle red will bring a gentler warmth and energy.

Adding the Color Blue
When you’re ready, bring blue to the white side of your paper and then move it across to meet red.

Remember from last week, blue creates a sense of tranquility and serenity, like the gentle waves of the sea. It brings a sense of peace and calm. It’s cooling and protecting.

Red and Blue Create Violet
Now, move the blue right into the red, allowing it to become violet.

As you work, notice how the red and blue balance each other.

Continue to explore and play with the color and see how violet arises. You can create many variations of violet, even on one paper.

A deeper purple or blue violet can be created by bringing a stronger blue.

A red violet or even magenta can be created with more red and less blue.

Try a few different colors of violet on your paper. Which one speaks to you today?

When you’ve transformed the entire paper into violet, take some time to let your eyes gaze upon the color.

The color violet can aid you in accessing your higher self. It can help you to value who you are in the world. It can also help you in seeing this in others.

What did you experience with each color separately today?

And what about when they worked together?

When you’re done today, set your artistic creation aside, but I encourage you to return to this one again to gaze upon the color violet when you need to connect to your higher self!

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