How to Trust in your Soul’s Plan for your Life

​When you were a child, did you imagine what life would be like as an adult? How did you picture it? What was being a “grown-up” going to be like?

Maybe you thought life would be filled with fun, freedom, joy, and all that you ever wanted?

Or you pictured traveling, exploring new cultures, and fun experiences?

Did things always unfold easily and joyfully in your imagination?

Maybe you thought you’d fall in love, get married, live in a beautiful house, and have children – living the American dream of years ago?

Or maybe you pictured yourself at the top of your career – as a leader, innovator, loved and respected?

Maybe you thought you’d be so free that you could do anything you wanted at any time, anywhere?  It didn’t matter what, just that you were free to choose and you imagined you did so with joy and passion for your next adventure?


Now, as an adult, what is your picture of adulthood?

Do you cling to any of those past pictures from your childhood that leave you feeling disappointed or deflated now?

Maybe you see that you’re not achieving them – yet deep down you still hold a belief or picture that you should be?

Do you feel like you’re failing because inside you still hold the view from your childhood that’s full of the “shoulds” – what you think you “should” be working towards or doing in your life.

What if you were released from all of these “shoulds?” Whether they came from your childhood or appeared since then. You simply let go of them all.

What if you put in new attitudes and a new belief system for the present time?
What if you believed you are living your perfect life now? What if you believed….

You are everything and you have everything that you need now. 

And your path in life is simply accessing and using what you already have within you. 

What kind of shift would that bring in your attitude, how you perceive your life, how you enter into your life?

Trust that your soul has a plan, and even if you can’t see it completely, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to.” — Deepak Chopra


​Your soul does have a plan for you. Here are a few tips for learning how to trust in your soul’s plan for your life and letting go of what does not serve you now.

  1. Release the negative voices in your head – Pay attention to what enters your mind that is a belief from earlier years that no longer serves you.  When these thoughts enter your mind, simply acknowledge them without judging them or yourself.  Maybe even thank them for serving you in earlier years – giving you hope and joy for the future!  And then bid them farewell releasing them from your life.
  2. Replace the negative voices with other thoughts – When you become aware of the negative voices and then acknowledge and release them, replace them with gratitude. Think of something in your life that you’re currently grateful for.  Focus your thoughts on the gratitude you have.
  3. Be in the present, not the past or future – Be aware and alert to what’s in your life now.  Let go of regrets or disappointment or feelings from the past. Release the anxiety, worry, and fear for the future. Picture that you are holding the past in one hand and the future in the other – releasing them from your mind.  Your mind now can be in the present – aware of your current experiences and interactions in the world.
  4. Ask for guidance from the spiritual world – Don’t forget to ask for guidance! Your spirit guides are there to help and can easily be called upon. Breathe out, releasing any tension, and relax into the knowing that you’re held within the spirit world.  Rather than contracting, tightening your grip, and trying to control, relax and loosen. Be open to new possibilities, to guidance from the spiritual world.
  5. Listen to your intuition – Your intuition speaks what’s best for you on your path.  What serves your highest good. This is not always comfortable or easy.  So, sometimes we ignore it.  Listen carefully, what’s my gut telling me?  How does it feel?  Is it humming with excitement and joy?  Or is it in a knot that you decide to ignore and then just push forward in your life.

Curious about a plan that my soul had for me that wasn’t exactly what I pictured for my life? Check out the film of scene 2 from my performance of Feathers on the Breath of God that is available on YouTube. Watch it here!