The Key to More Strength, Calm, and Balance in Your Life

As I awake in the morning I always head down to my kitchen and make myself a cup of herbal tea. The tea I chose this morning was Sweet Cinnamon Spice. Then I settle into my rocking chair in front of my altar, light my candle, cover myself with my Broncos blanket and begin my morning meditation.

Our bodies, and even our beings, thrive with a rhythm in our lives. We know what to expect and can relax into it, supporting us in being grounded and peaceful. There’s a consistency and reliability that builds strength over time. Then from this strong foundation, we can step out to explore, be creative and adventurous, and try something new out of our daily routines.

But, if our lives don’t have a rhythm or a routine, either due to the circumstances we find ourselves in or because we just don’t like routines, we can find ourselves more on edge, more worried or fearful, more insecure and anxious. We might find ourselves more often in a fight- flight mode and can’t relax or access our higher capacities.  Or you might just float throughout the day, realizing late that you don’t have any food for dinner or your teeth never were brushed or you didn’t accomplish anything that day.
Having something you know you can depend on every day—whether it’s getting up at the same time every morning for some peaceful, alone time or exercising in the evening after work—will give your body and your being a consistency that it craves

One can ascend to a higher development only by bringing rhythm and repetition into one’s life. Rhythm holds sway in all nature.  – Rudolf Steiner

Balance is key when we work to bring rhythm into our lives.
Rhythm is a foundation that brings us strength, yet needs to be flexible and fluid too. It’s possible to become too rigid in a routine that could result in too much contraction which can be draining and deadening, squashing any possibility for fun, spontaneity, and joy.
Rhythm is really finding our own way to breathe through the day, to flow within a routine, yet with space for flexibility and an openness for something new that may come.

What rhythm do you have?  What is it that you repeatedly do each day or week?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle

If you are longing for more strength, calm, and balance in your life, consider the following areas of rhythm in your life:

1. Morning – Mornings are so important!  They set the tone for your day. Entering into a new day calmly and with intention can make a huge difference for our entire day.  Even if you are short on time in the morning, a few moments to breathe deeply, stretch your body, and focus on your intentions for the day can make a world of difference to how our day begins. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water too and best to not pick up your cellphone until after you’ve prepared yourself for entering into the day.

2. Gratitude  – We all know how much a practice of gratitude’s important for health and well-being. But has it become a habit in your life yet?  Make it one by including it in your morning or evening routine.

3. Beauty – Take a few minutes to make your bed in the morning, put the dishes in the dishwasher, put fresh flowers on the table or whatever brings beauty into your environment.  This affects us in a positive way probably more than we realize! It creates a space where you can relax and enjoy your environment, doing whatever you are at that moment.


4. Mindfulness – How often do we go into autopilot or overstimulation or mind chatter in a day?  Set an intention in your morning routine to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Then observe how often you are truly present in the moment, not on autopilot, not overstimulated by excessive noises, screens, and people.  Or not relentlessly thinking about the past or the future.  Just present with yourself in the moment or with those who are with you.  What a wonderful practice to make a habit!

5. Practice – What practice do you have for the health of your body, heart/mind, and spirit? Do you meditate and exercise during your day? Or walk in the morning and chant in the evening? Or something else? How are you nourishing your body, heart, mind, and spirit daily?

​6. Nutritious food – We need food that has the nutrients our bodies need to not only survive, but thrive!  Eaten at the times we need for our health.  What you eat and when you eat are important. Explore what is best for you, what supports a healthy body, and a good night’s sleep.


7. Relax and Rejuvenate – Do you take time each week to do what you enjoy?  What makes you relax and rejuvenate?  What makes you feel alive and joyful?  Make this a part of your regular rhythm.

8. Preparing for Bed
 –  As you prepared mindfully for your day, prepare for sleep. Take time to relax, drink a cup of tea, or do some stretches.  Turn off screens at least an hour before bed. Meditate or breathe deeply. Pick a routine that works for you, but make it a habit that supports a healthy night’s sleep.
9. Sleep– Take advantage of this time where your body rests and rejuvenates. This is where your body rids itself of its toxins, rebuilds and rejuvenates its organs, and prepares you for the next day.   ​
10. Nature – Don’t forget to get outside every day at least for a few minutes! Take deep breaths, put your feet on the earth, look at the beauty of nature, or take a walk.  However you can enjoy the rejuvenating and health benefits of Mother Earth. Longer times are wonderful, when you are able to make those part of your rhythm too.


What’s one area where you’d like to bring more rhythm into your life?  Why not try that this month! Then see, at the end of the month, what changes do you notice?

Interested in bringing the chanting of mantras into your spiritual practice as part of your rhythm?  Check out my guidebook, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.