Honoring Endings Before New Beginnings

With Spring in the air and the excitement of setting new goals and intentions, we can get swept away with moving forward without taking time to look back.

Reflecting on the past can bring to your awareness the endings that are happening and need to be acknowledged and even honored before you begin to enjoy new growth.

Accepting and Honoring Endings

In our society, we tend to not be very good with endings. We want to move on, looking forward to what is to come anew, hoping it will be better. Endings can remind us of what we can’t control, what can’t continue forward, and what we’ll be leaving behind. Often, they’re painful or challenging. Transition is not always easy.

But while we stand on the threshold between the old and the new, we can strive to open-heartedly accept the ending, knowing that it’s time to let go. We can honor the place it held in our lives and say good-bye. Doing this will release any energy we still have attached and free it to devote to the new intentions we’re creating for the future.

My father passed away last October. I have been reviewing our 62 years together and honoring all the ways in which he was an extraordinary father to me. How we would have soft boiled eggs together on Saturday mornings when I was a little girl or how he would lead me down the Alps on skis, yodeling all the way.

Are there relationships, projects, initiatives that you’re letting go?

Or maybe you’re moving, leaving behind a home and community? Or leaving a job or career?

Or maybe like for me, a beloved family member has passed away? Or a friend, or a pet?

Take some quiet time and remember with warmth the gifts that you’ve received and how the situation positively affected your life. Remember why or how it’s coming to an end. Find a special way to say good-bye.

Here are a few ways you can honor an ending and support yourself in accepting and letting go.

  1. Meditation– Sit is quiet contemplation of the ending. Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings about this ending. Hold them with acceptance as you continue to breathe slowly in and out. Notice any shifts that arise. If your attention wanders, turn it back to your breath. Continue to breathe in and out slowly. Notice how any strong feelings begin to dissolve. At the end of your meditation, express gratitude for any gifts you’ve received.


  1. Journal – Write down your reflections about what is ending. How do you feel? Are you accepting or resisting it? What do you hold with gratitude? What are you happy to let go of? How will letting of this create new space in your life?


  1. Ritual – Create your own ritual that acknowledges and honors your ending. You could write on a piece of paper and then burn it. Or hold a rock, thinking of the ending, and then throw it into a pond. You could light a candle in honor of the ending, allowing it to burn for a period of time, then blow it out. Create a ritual that is meaningful for you.

New Beginnings

Once you’ve spent time on the endings, honoring them and saying good-bye, you’ll feel lighter and more expansive, ready to move to the new beginnings. You’ve created space in your life for your new intentions without carrying unnecessary burdens into the future with you. Now you’ll be able to blossom!