Set Yourself Up For Success

Have you been opening the door to the longing in your soul to be creative? Have you started to play and enjoy being creative often?

If so, I’m so happy for you!

Creativity is like a refreshing breath of life, helping us to thrive. It makes us feel energized and alive. It brings us joy!

To set yourself up for success, consider an accountability partner to support you in sticking with your commitment. Making a change in your life can be a challenge! Even when you want to do it. A supportive partner can help.

It’s great if you can team up with someone who’s working on a similar commitment to bring creativity into their life too. Then you can check-in with each other regularly.

What Is an Accountability Partner?

This is a partner who helps you achieve the goal you’ve committed to. You’ll feel more compelled to stay with your plan when you’re sharing your progress with your partner who’s waiting to hear from you. If you get off track from your commitment, your partner can help to guide you back. And you can also celebrate each other’s successes together!


How to Be a Great Accountability Partner

If you’re looking to partner with someone for accountability, here’s how you can support each other.

  1. Ask questions

Ask questions and listen more often than you share your thoughts. Whenever possible allow your partner to share their thoughts on their own progress, needs and next steps. Be encouraging and supportive to help them take the next step. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What is your schedule for creativity this week?
  • What do you see that might interfere with your plan for this week?
  • What kind of support do you need to stick with your plan this week?
  • How did last week’s plan go? What did you learn from that plan?
  1. Be understanding and empathetic

Be supportive and celebrate successes. Be understanding when there are obstacles and unmet commitments. Be a cheerleader when your partner is trying to get back on track.

  1. Be non-judgmental

Share your thoughts in an objective and encouraging way without judgment. Share observations or insights that might be helpful without judging your partner. 

Your accountability partner can help you be successful in honoring your commitment to bring creativity into your life on a regular basis. Soon, you’ll experience the benefits and feel more energized and joyful!