Finding Inner Strength in the Time of the Coronavirus
The world’s an uncertain place at the moment. Every hour seems to bring us new surprises.  In just a couple days, our world has been turned upside down, and I think most of us are still trying to find our footing in our new landscape of staying at home and distancing ourselves from our coworkers, friends and neighbors here in the US.

​It’s clear in these moments, that we’re called to find our inner stillness, our inner strength to navigate our way forward. One step at a time.

Quiet I bear within me,
I bear within myself
Forces to make me strong.
Now will I be imbued with their glowing warmth.
Now will I fill myself
With my own will’s resolve.
And I will feel the quiet
Pouring through all my being
When by my steadfast striving
I become strong
To find within myself the source of strength
The strength of inner quiet.
R. Steiner

Do you wonder, from where does this strength arise? How do we find it when we need it?
In a quiet moment, come to your center and find that place that is still and quiet within the whirlwind of turmoil. There we can connect with the Divine. We find our inner strength and power to carry us forward on our life’s journey, knowing that we’ll be held and supported by the spiritual world.
One of the guides in my life who helps me find my strength and courage is Archangel Michael. He can be one to assist you in overcoming the fear and anxiety that may be rising in these uncertain times. Call upon him to help you find this inner quiet and strength at this time.


Here are some ways I’d offer to you to support yourself and your family in finding that center where you can tap into your own inner power that already exists.
1.  Cultivate a quiet time and space regularly. When you enter into this, you can access a greater wisdom within yourself and in the universe.  In being silent, you open to listening to communication that can come from the Divine within you.
​2.  Trust there is a greater power within the universe.  A divine wisdom and higher consciousness that is at the foundation of all of life.  Connecting to this, gives you strength, power, and courage.


3.  Nurture yourself.  Go outside and put your feet upon the earth.  Take a walk. Sing or draw. Cook a delicious meal.  Have a cup of tea. Do yoga or qigong.  Listen to an inspiring podcast or take a free class online.  Read a book.

4. Foster resilience.  Strive to bounce back from challenging times instead of feeling defeated or a victim.  Endeavor to return to a place of balance and strength, again and again. This is our daily practice.

Many blessings to you at this unusual time!  Stay healthy and use this time at home to discover your true inner power.

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