Exploring the Hindu Deities as Forms of Energies

In Hindu philosophy, if we take a closer look at the gods and goddesses, we can see how they are forms of energy. And each form of energy has a name and a personality.  Underlying these energies in the universe is one great cosmic soul known as Brahman.

Each deity in Hinduism emanates a particular energy that can support us on our path of spiritual development. We can discover these specific energies through observing what the deity displays as clothing, vehicle of transportation, weapons, and more.

​One tool that we can use to connect to the form of energy from a deity is mantra. Mantras are precise instruments that can offer us access to the Divine through the attributes or energies of the Hindu deity who is part of the one great cosmic being, Brahman.

If you develop a regular practice of chanting mantras to invoke a specific energy within a Hindu deity, you then learn that you can allow the image of the Hindu god or goddess used in the practice to dissolve. This will facilitate the energetic force to come forth through the sound.  Then you can enter into a deeper place of stillness where transformation can arise.


​Let me share with you 3 gods of the trinity within the Hindu philosophy and their energies.  How do these energies bring you greater wisdom in your life?

Brahma, the Creator
Brahma is the first member of the Hindu Trinity and is considered the Creator.  He created everything in the universe and continues to create more, when needed. Everything in the universe has a living cycle where it is created, maintained, and then destroyed to bring renewal in a new creation.

Vishnu, the Preserver
Vishnu is the second member of the Hindu Trinity. He maintains the harmony and balance of the universe that was created by Brahma and destroyed by Shiva to prepare for the next creation. Vishnu is worshipped in many forms and incarnations including Rama, Krishna, and Buddha.

Shiva, the Destroyer
Shiva is the third member of the Hindu Trinity, tasked with destroying the universe in order to prepare for its renewal. Shiva’s destructive power is a necessary step that makes renewal possible.


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