Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies within You

In the Hindu tradition, the gods and goddesses emanate particular energies that can support us on our path of spiritual development.  The trinity that captures the masculine energy forms includes Brahma, the creative force, Vishnu, the sustaining force, and Shiva, the destructive force.

These 3 encompass the life process from creation to destruction. Each male god also has a specific female counterpart, bringing a feminine energy that balances and empowers the masculine energy of this trinity.

Within the Hindu tradition, the Divine is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.  It’s only through the merging of the two that enlightenment can be obtained on our spiritual journeys.

​This dance between the masculine and feminine can empower us to embrace and embody both sides of our being. We search and long for union, oneness, wholeness.  To be one with the Divine.

Brahma, who is the energetic force of creation, is paired with the Goddess Saraswati who reigns over creativity, wisdom and knowledge, music and the arts.  She also governs our speech – where we share our creativity and wisdom through words.

To embrace the energy of creation in our lives in order to manifest our work in the world, we can call upon the god Brahma, and to ensoul our creations with the beauty of the arts and wisdom, sharing them with others, we can connect with the energetic force of Saraswati.  An embodied and magnificent union!

Vishnu is the second male energy of the Hindu Trinity that maintains the harmony and balance of the universe. The female counterpart that brings wholeness is Lakshmi who is the goddess of prosperity, beauty, and abundance. She helps us to embrace and appreciate the abundant blessings that exist in our lives and brings to us prosperity and possibility in our life’s journey.  She bestows upon us wealth – both spiritually and materially – which is our birthright, while Vishnu, in his many forms, helps us to sustain this energy.


​The third male energy is Shiva, the destroyer which creates a space for renewal.  His partner is Parvati who manifests as the goddess of strength and power in many forms, defending what is good and right in the world.  She’s considered divine feminine energy, Shakti herself.  While Shiva can help us to realize that releasing the old must occur for us to create the new, Parvati, in her many forms, can empower us to embrace our own strength to manifest what is needed in the world.


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