You will have life time access to this Fun and Uplifting Training!

We will meet over Zoom at 4 PM Mountain Time March 20th, 21st, and 22nd and at 10 AM Mountain Time on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday March 24th.

The sessions will last about 45 minutes. It is best to join the training sessions live.
Note that the sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants each day.

Dive into this exploratory and playful experience, where you can express your creativity and feel alive again.

Day 1 - Play with Color

Fall in love with and believe in yourself

Day 2 - Draw to Connect

Fill yourself with a sense of awe and wonder

Day 3 - Dance to Power

Energize and connect with your essence and your power to create

Day 4 - Dialogue to Discover

Clarify and explore your soul’s purpose

Day 5 - Manifesting with Models

Create a miniature representation of your next dream project

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5 Day “Mastering Your Creativity” Workshop

Bonus: Enjoy my video series

“3 Keys to Mastering Your Creativity”

As you journey through these videos, you will:

  • Move out of overwhelm into inspiration so can access a fountain of new energy for your life!
  • Move out of limitation into motivation so you can connect with and give voice to your inner beauty.
  • Move out of fear into faith so you can experience the joy of living an inspired life.

In My 5 Day “Mastering Your Creativity” Workshop

I am going to show you:

A way to play again so you can accept and embrace your unique gifts and move forward in your life

A technique to move out of the clouds of confusion so you can clearly hear what your soul is telling you to explore

How to put music, movement, and gratitude together so you can receive exponential transformation right away

A writing technique to allow you to find a sense of connection with those who are guides on your path

A sure-fired way to start making your dreams come true

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5 Day “Mastering Your Creativity” Workshop

Deborah, client


​What I share in this training has become the backbone of my life. In my twenties and thirties, I had buried deep inside me these creative longings. I had dreams that I barely saw or heard or even knew of. What I did know is that I was very unhappy. Over the years I actually started getting very sick even suicidally depressed… And then I started learning what I share in this training and it changed my life. I started feeling this bubbling up of visions and longings of my heart and soul and I started finding the courage to move forward with them.

Today I am the manager of Viriditas Productions Company and run a healing practice called Doctor Of The Soul. I also just opened a spiritual center with my husband David Sharp in Boulder, Colorado called The Good&Sharp Studios. I am the mother of five children and have two grandchildren. I can truly say I am living the life of my dreams. I have created the 5 Day “Mastering Your Creativity” Workshop to help you live the life of your dreams!