Feel a Sense of Awe and Wonder Again: 4 Simple Steps to Dissolve Obstacles That Interfere

I remember a trip to Sedona a few years ago. I was out for a hike in the early morning. When I reached my destination atop a flat red rock overlooking a valley, I lifted my head to gaze out toward the magnificent red rock formations that Sedona is known for. The gleaming rays of the early morning sun stretched out from the blue sky across the valley kissing the red-orange rocks nestled in the sagebrush. A bird swooped down and soared over the valley, gliding on the wind streams carrying it toward the rising sun. The sight took my breath away! I was awestruck at the beauty and tranquil energy of the land.

Nature can fill us with a sense of awe and wonder from its astounding beauty, power and magnificence. You can feel humbled by seeing how small your one, individual life is in the vastness of the earth and the universe. Yet, at the same time, you may feel empowered knowing that you too are part of this magnificence. You breathe the air gifted from the trees and drink the water and eat the food given by the earth.

Nature can heal our bodies and nourish our souls. And it can inspire us to be creative, expansive, calm and joyful.

Think of a time when you have been awestruck by something you’ve seen in nature.

When was this? Where were you?

How did it make you feel? What stuck with you about this experience?

It’s wonderful when we can tap into a sense of connection to nature – nourishing our whole being. But, sometimes there are obstacles that interfere with this ability to be inspired and awestruck in nature and in the world.

What interferes with your ability to feel awe and wonder in a particular moment?

Here are some common obstacles that may interfere:

  • Negativity – Maybe you’re in a negative place. You don’t feel particularly positive. Maybe you’re irritable or tired.
  • Thinking about the past – You’re thinking about something that happened in the past, reliving it again and again in your mind. You feel terrible about the situation and can’t seem to let it go.
  • Focusing on the future – You’re anxious and worried about something in the future. You keep thinking about it, worried about how it will go. You imagine the awful things that could happen.

Do you experience any of these? Which one tends to interfere with your ability to experience awe in a moment?

What else interferes for you?

When you are experiencing obstacles that interfere, strive to shift your awareness. Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Return to the present moment – Let those thoughts in your mind come and then float away. Focus on being here, in the present moment, right now.
  2. Move your body – Start walking or stretching. Feel your feet on the ground, the movement of your arms and legs, and your breath go in and out.
  3. Shift your awareness – Turn your attention to your senses – the sights, sounds, and smells around you.
  1. Feel gratitude – Think of something that you’re grateful for right now. It can be anything – the shining sun, your ability to walk, the beauty of a flower. Hold a sense of gratefulness within for it.

These 4 simple steps will help you release what’s weighing you down and allow you to ignite that spark of awe and wonder that you’ve experienced in the past in nature. Soon, you’ll be feeling creative, expansive, calm and joyful once again.

And, guess what, even when you’re not in nature and are wanting to feel inspired or a sense of wonder, these 4 steps will help you to shift!

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