Awakening to Dreaming in the Darkness of Winter: 3 Simple Steps

Winter is upon us, the coldest season of the year. All around us life slows down and turns inward. It’s a natural time for rest, reflection, stillness, and peace. What a blessing to focus on this during the season of winter, particularly the upcoming sacred nights!

During this dark time of year, when the daylight is shorter and the nighttime longer, many people often shift into a state of gloom and sadness. Do you too?

​You can learn to embrace this dark time of year through awakening to your dreams during the long winter nights.

As you begin to move inward in quiet and stillness during the cold of winter, becoming aware of and remembering your dreams supports you on your life’s journey in the world, particularly for the coming year. You’ll discover answers to questions you have, find support in following your passion, and realize the next steps in a difficult situation.

Are you someone who remembers your dreams well when you awake?

Or do you wake up and not even realize that you’ve been dreaming at night? There seems to be nothing to remember at all!


To help you remember your dreams during this sacred time (or any time during the year!), follow these 3 simple steps. Then you’ll be on your way to unlocking the hidden treasures from the darkness of the night this winter.

​1. Create a sacred space and time.   To help you recall your dreams, it’s important to create an intention for this before bed. Maybe light a candle or sit silently with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Set an intention to remember the dreams that are important for your life’s journey and spiritual growth.

2. Keep a journal near your bedside.  Dreams often dissolve very quickly as soon as you wake up!  So, writing them down as soon as you awaken helps you to remember. Then you can read your journal entry later when you are more awake to discover any deeper meaning or message.


3. Awake slowly, keeping your eyes closed. Early in the morning, as you first awaken, keep your eyes closed while you’re still lying relaxed in bed. Put your attention on your dreams, trying to remember any details. Review the main parts of any dream you remember. Attend to the mood and feelings that arose. Picture the location, weather, colors, or any other details that come to mind.  Think back to the intention that you set the previous evening.

Through these 3 simple steps, may you discover the rich treasures of your dreams during this winter season!

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